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Corrected entry: Mort's house is only a few yards from the lake. In a scene we can see Mort walking a long slope down from the house, to the place where he finds the two dead bodies in the car. Later in that scene, he pushes the car into the lake from a high cliff. That can't possibly be the same lake, as the surface is much lower in the landscape when the car hits the water than outside Mort's house.

Correction: There is a cut in the scene after he pulls out the screw driver. He has obviously driven the car (from the passenger side - hard but possible) to another location (looks like a quarry). He then put the car in park, gets out, moves to the driver&8217;s side window, puts the car in drive and "guides" the car off the cliff and into the quarry.

Corrected entry: When Johnny Depp is talking to Ken Karsch for the first time, Ken pushes down a button on a timer and when he did that another button went up. When they show a cut of Johnny and then go back to Ken, the button that was down is now up and the button that was up is now down and it keeps repeating that whenever the camera cuts back to Ken.

Correction: actually, Johnny leans forward and hits the other button, which causes it to reverse, then mr. Karsch hits the button a few seconds later, to start the timer again.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, Morton Rainey steals the key to a hotel room and jumps into his car and drives to a specific room. When he stops, he gets out of the car, and the sound of a shutting car door is heard. However, at the end of the scene when the camera pans out, the door to Mort's car is open, although he is still inside the hotel room.

Correction: You never hear the car door close the first time. When he drives to the room, you hear the car door slam but you see the reflection of the door closing in the rear view mirrow.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie Mort Rainey's obviously dyed-blonde hair changes. In the scene where he is going to their burnt house he just has blonde on his ends and in the scene where you first meet him his blonde hair goes almost to his roots. That is just one example. These two scenes happen a few days a part and there is no way his hair could have grown that fast.

Correction: From the time we first meet Mort (when he catches his wife with another man), to the time the action of the movie takes place, there is a six-month interval, during which his hair could've grown out considerably.

Corrected entry: After Mort has killed Ted and his wife, all of the Shooter carvings on the wall are gone.

Correction: Enough time has passed between the kills and the sheriff showing up for the corn to fully grow, that's plenty of time for Mort to sand them out or fill them in.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Amy visits Mort, the cabin walls all have "Shooter - Kill Her" etched into the wood. But when the sheriff shows up, the carvings are gone.

Correction: Enough time has passed when the sheriff shows up for the corn to grow to full height. All the walls could be sanded clean or replaced in that time.


Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, Mort closes the door of his jeep before he goes into the hotel room. You can hear the sound of the door closing and it's visible in the rearview-mirror. As the camera moves out of the room, the jeep door is completely open. (00:02:05)

Nelleke Rietvink
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Mort: I'm a dairy farmer from Mississippi.

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Trivia: One should really stay to the very end of the credits, as Johnny Depp (Mort) sings an amusing little tune.

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