Earthquake (1974)

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Continuity mistake: When the bar collapses, the drunk guy's hat is raised but a shot later it's tucked down. (00:57:30)

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Revealing mistake: When the highway collapses, the miniature prop is missing the delineators and lamp posts.

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Revealing mistake: During the jolt by the dam, the worker's table shakes, but not the rest of the stuff surrounding them, revealing that someone was moving the table underneath. (00:05:58)

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Continuity mistake: After the quake, people rush down and find a man hanging onto a beam. Sam walks down towards him. Shot changes, and he is several meters behind, walking down again.

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Continuity mistake: Miles is attempting to spin through a loop on his motorcycle. The first time he performs the stunt, he drives half way and falls out of the loop and lands on the ground. As soon as he and the bike land, the bike is positioned with the bike's wheels facing away from the loop. Miles is then helped up and the bike has suddenly shifted 180°, with the wheels now facing towards the loop.

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Revealing mistake: Near the beginning, after a couple of small earthquakes, Fred comes flying out of the dam elevator shaft with a whole heap of water, dead from drowning. But you can see him lift his head out of the water seconds before his friend turns him over and finds him definitely dead.


Continuity mistake: After the bar where the drunk collapses, there's a scene of an office where a piece of ceiling falls on the left side. A second later, the office is clean and the ceiling falls again.

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Suggested correction: This would be trivia at best. Characters are often older or younger than the actors portraying them. Greene being less than 8 years older than Gardner in real life isn't a mistake.


Other mistake: Outside of the office building, Stewart and Remy take shelter under a vehicle, despite falling debris crushing vehicles in their midst.

Sam Royce: Barbara, take off your pantyhose, damnit! You too, c'mon, take off your pantyhose.

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Trivia: Walter Matthau plays the drunk who sits at the bar wearing a loud shirt and pimp hat. However, for the end credits his name is listed as "Walter Matuschanskayasky"

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Question: Each time this movie is shown on in Brisbane Australia an important scene is not shown. The deletion is of the airplane landing at the airport and then trying to get air-borne again before the runway is destroyed. Why is this removed?

Answer: There are two versions of the film. A 'film' version which does not include this scene (and others) and a 'TV Miniseries' version. The miniseries version was made to run over two nights and extra scenes were shot to extend the running time.


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