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Corrected entry: When Miles is rehearsing, he falls off the first time he attempts the loop and his handlebars are bent out of shape. Two seconds later, they've miraculously become as good as new.


Correction: It is a new bike. After Miles comes out of the loop, Miles says "we have to try it again" and Sal says "we have only one 250 left", so it looks like they used a new bike.

Corrected entry: During the aftermath, at a scene at the hospital, we hear someone trying to get blood donors saying they are in desperate need of blood type AB-. But people with blood type AB are considered "universal recipients" because they can receive any type of blood. Therefore, type AB blood would be the LAST type that the hospital would be desperate for. Sure, under ideal situations, it is best for people with type AB blood to get the same AB blood, but for an emergency situation, it would be fine.


Correction: If you listen carefully the guy asks for AB negative blood which is the rarest of all blood types. AB+ are universal receivers, AB- are not.

Corrected entry: Marjoe Gortner's hairstyle alternates several times between curly and straight.

Correction: The film makes it quite clear that he wears a straight haired wig over his naturally curly hair, as the National Guard regulations don't allow his length of natural hair. This wig then comes off after he is shot by Slade.

Corrected entry: When the office worker loses his grip on a girder, he falls through a pane of glass below. Just seconds earlier, two women fell from about the same spot, yet the glass was not broken and there is no sign of their bodies.

Correction: Actually you can see the two women's bodies who fell before the guy did.

Corrected entry: During the earthquake, a man reaches out of the window to try to rescue the two window cleaners, who are clinging to the rig. They fall to their deaths. In reality, these guys would have been wearing safety harnesses that secured them to the rig.

Correction: "Should" have been wearing safety harnesses. Many workers disobey safety protocols, like these two guys.


Corrected entry: Early in the movie, a woman walks up to the elevator and presses a button, thereby letting all the people who had been standing there doing nothing into the elevator, but she doesn't get in herself. Why didn't that big group of people just press the button themselves?

Correction: When you have a large group of people standing at the doors to an elevator it is a frequent occurrence that everyone assumes someone else has pressed the button until someone notices that this is not the case. Almost everyone has experienced this.


Other mistake: During the quake, we see the furniture, wall panels, ceiling tile, windowpanes, vertical blinds, etc., in the office fall, shake, or crack. Yet the leaves of a large potted plant do not move at all.

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Sam Royce: Barbara, take off your pantyhose, damnit! You too, c'mon, take off your pantyhose.

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Question: What happened to Miles? He stops his motorcycle to look back at the flood and - nothing else.

Answer: That has been a question of debate for years. Some say he died, others say he lived. The only real answer I can give is, there were talks of making a sequel. In it, Lou and Maria were living in San Francisco, while Miles and his partner were headlining his motorcycle act in Las Vegas, when another, stronger earthquake hits.

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