Along Came Polly

Other mistake: The scenes that are supposedly located in St. Bart's have Chinaman's Hat in the background, which is a distinctive Hawaiian landmark.

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Other mistake: When Reuben and Leland are playing racquetball, Leland loses a tooth. When he opens his mouth to take it out, you can see the space where it's missing. However, when it cuts to Reuben, you can hear the sound of Leland yanking it out of his gum.

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Other mistake: When Reuben and his boss are in the restroom and are going, if you look in the toilet there is nothing going in.


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When Reuben and Sandy are talking in the street after the play disaster, and Sandy is telling Reuben about the fake E! True Hollywood Story, Reuben's tie keeps changing. In one shot, the tie has a dimple and is in a full windsor knot, and in other shots, the tie has no dimple and appears to be in a half-windsor knot.



Polly explains to Reuben that she's travelled to many exotic places (Singapore, Costa Rica, etc.). The last place that she lists is Buffalo, New York, which is the city that Jennifer Aniston's (Polly) last movie, Bruce Almighty (2003), took place in.