Along Came Polly

Corrected entry: When Reuben is crossing the street when he "accidentally" runs into Polly, he doesn't have anything in his hand. The camera switches to a shot of Polly then back to Reuben and he all of a sudden is pretending to be on his cell phone. There is not enough time between shots for him to have gotten his phone out. (00:25:05)


Correction: There was plenty of time for him to get his phone considering its right there on the front of his belt. Easily done while the camera was on Polly.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Claude talks with Polly and Reuben on the beach. They tell him they are going scuba diving with Leland and call out to Leland on his yacht and wave to him. When Claude goes away and Polly and Reuben head into the water, there is no sign of the yacht (and this is a wide shot of the beach).

Correction: When Reuben points towards Leland's boat, he points southward down the beach (to the left). When looking at Leland's boat, there are many mountains from the island visible behind the boat indicating that we are looking towards the island. Not further out to sea. So, when we see Reuben and Polly walking into the water, we are not looking towards Leland's boat.

Corrected entry: Ferrets do not make anything like the noises the ferret in the movie makes. Most of the time they are completely silent, except when they are happy or excited, when they make soft 'dooking' noises. Other times they will make a soft hiss when playing/roughhousing. But they never sound like sick mice. (00:33:20)

Correction: I had a ferret that made noises very similar to what Rodolfo made all the time.

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: Reuben Feffer is a risk analyst who is himself risk-averse. Yet when he and Polly go sailing with Leland Van Lew on The Roo Shooter, he does not wear a life vest, not even in the midst of the heavy storm.

Correction: Given Leland's personality there probably weren't any life vests on board.

Corrected entry: When Reuben and Sandy are playing basketball the day after the first time Reuben and Polly had sex, the camera pulls out behind the court fence, and two members of the camera crew can be seen crouching next to Reuben and Sandy, filming them from the previous shot's angle.

Correction: The camera crew is actually hired by Sandy to film his E! True Hollywood story.

Corrected entry: When Claude carries Lisa to the boat the bruise on her thigh is gone. (00:08:35)


Correction: Lisa's bruise is on the inside of her right thigh and fairly high up. As Claude carries Lisa to the boat the upper inside portion of her right thigh is never visible, so it is impossible to conclude that the bruise has disappeared.

Corrected entry: Ferrets have been declared "dangerous animals" in New York and are illegal to possess in the state. Rudolfo shouldn't be there, and since Polly takes him for walks, the police or animal control would surely have noticed.

Correction: "Shouldn't be there" isn't a movie mistake, it's a character mistake and the fact that the police and/or animal control haven't yet noticed is as a result of good luck and is also not a movie mistake. Laws wouldn't be necessary if nobody broke them.


Corrected entry: In the basketball scene, Reuben tells Sandy that Polly has impressive high school stats, even though she moved to Michigan after 7th grade. How does he know her high school stats?

Correction: Reuben didn't say "high school stats", he said "yearbook stats" - referring to her junior high/middle school activities.

Corrected entry: Container toilets can't overflow like it does when Reuben blocks the drain with the towel. The container volume is always smaller than the toilet by design. (00:34:25)


Correction: If the water in the bottom of the toilet does not drain at all and the water from the tank starts to fill the bottom, then you could over flow the toilet, especially if the volume of whatever you had in the toilet was high. In this case the towel and the waste, plus 2 full tanks of water would easily over flow the toilet.


Corrected entry: After Claude invites Lisa and Reuben to do scuba diving he says "salud" when he leaves. The English subtitles read "solid". (00:07:05)


Correction: He is saying "Solid." His accent is messing up everything he says. Saying solid is often said when guys bump fists or something like that. He does it a few times in the movie.

Corrected entry: When Polly comes back to her house because she had realized that she had left Rodolfo tied to the doorknob she does so on foot. It's really strange that she didn't ask the taxi driver to turn around because she was in a real hurry, as her plane was supposed to leave in 45 minutes. (01:17:00)


Correction: Strange doesn't make it a mistake. Perhaps there was too much traffic, perhaps the taxi was on a one way street. This is just a character decision and Polly is a little ditsy so her decisions may not make sense to us.


Corrected entry: When Polly calls Reuben back, he throws the answering machine against the wall. His message keeps going even after the wires are pulled out of the socket. (00:25:15)


Correction: Some answering machines have backup batteries, so if the power goes out, they can still take messages. That is probably the case with this one.


Corrected entry: When Polly and Reuben first talk at the art party, Polly's hair on her right side alternates between being behind her ear and in front of it between shots. (00:19:05)


Correction: Polly has 2 pieces of loose hair, one behind her ear and one in front.


Corrected entry: When Reuben first drives up to see his newly purchased house, he parks his car at the curb, on the road in front of the house. After he talks with the security guard, the car disappears from the street.

Correction: The car does not disappear, it is just out of camera shot. When the police car pulls away you can see the front end of the car.


Corrected entry: The movie is based out of New York City. That is where his office is located. In the scene where Leland Van Lew parachutes off the skyscraper, when you look at the skyline in the background of that shot, it is that of Los Angeles. You can recognize LA's tallest, Library Tower in the background.

Correction: Nothing is wrong with the background because Reuben flies from New York to Los Angeles to meet Leland Van Lew.


Corrected entry: When Reuben's best man enters and trips, his cummerbund falls off, but when he gets up it is on.

Correction: His cummerbund is on wrong in the first place. It sits too low, you can't see it when he's on the ground because his big gut gets in the way. It never fell off. What may look a bit like a loose cummerbund is the red lining of his jacket.

Corrected entry: When Ruben is watching the video of his wedding with Sandy, and they freeze the image of the bride, after a few seconds the video starts again in another scene of the wedding. There was no one to start the video again.

Correction: Lots of video players only freeze frames for a certain amount of time, after which they automatically continue to play by themselves.

Corrected entry: When Ruben calls Polly, hangs up on her and immediately gets her phone call back, his phone lists her as if she was already in the phone's memory. This could not happen if this is the first call to her.

Correction: Reuben may have added Polly to his contacts before he called her, or have caller ID enabled on his phone.

Corrected entry: The first time Polly uses the key finder, she is inside her apartment and the beeps start very slowly and only speed up when she is directly outside of the fridge, less than a couple of feet away from the keys. The second time she uses it, the beeps are very quick as she comes around the corner to see Ruben standing at least fifteen feet away, holding the ferret.

Correction: The signals to/from the key finder were attenuated as they passed through the refrigerator door. Thus Polly had to be fairly close to the refrigerator before the signal was strong enough to trigger the accelerated beeping. The second time, there were no obstructions attenuating the signal, therefore she did not need to be as close.

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