Along Came Polly

Continuity mistake: When Reuben and Sandy are talking in the street after the play disaster, and Sandy is telling Reuben about the fake E! True Hollywood Story, Reuben's tie keeps changing. In one shot, the tie has a dimple and is in a full windsor knot, and in other shots, the tie has no dimple and appears to be in a half-windsor knot.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Reuben is playing racquet ball with Leland van Lew, you can see the camera crew in the reflection of the glass wall. Also, the reflection of the lighting rig with a crew member standing beside it can be seen in Leland's glasses.


Continuity mistake: When Reuben and his client are playing racquetball, the client smashes against the wall and his tooth falls out. He shows the tooth to Reuben and the hole in in his teeth where it used to be, but in the next shot, Reuben's client smiles and all his teeth are in place.


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Trivia: Polly explains to Reuben that she's travelled to many exotic places (Singapore, Costa Rica, etc.). The last place that she lists is Buffalo, New York, which is the city that Jennifer Aniston's (Polly) last movie, Bruce Almighty (2003), took place in.

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Trivia: The movie poster for Sandy's movie is a replica of the movie poster for The Breakfast Club (1985).

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Trivia: Some of the sounds of the ferret are from noises made by Jennifer Aniston from the scene where Reuben is eating the peanuts from the floor.

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