Quatermass and the Pit

Visible crew/equipment: As Quatermass drives back to the spaceship in a cab, just before it is to be drilled, the film crew can be easily seen in the cab's windows. A woman with a white cap can be seen holding a script. Later when the police use a megaphone on their car to announce the spaceship is a hoax, you can again see the same woman with a white cap in one of the windows of the police car.

Larry Koehn

Visible crew/equipment: As the drillman was removing his equipment from within the spacecraft, the gravity became nonexistent and all the tools began to float. You can easily see wires on all the tools - especially the flashlight.

Larry Koehn

Visible crew/equipment: From the first shot, the flashing yellow crossing beacons on Hobbs Lane are powered by cables that lie in full view over the set pavements.

Visible crew/equipment: A gloved arm pulls out of the shot as Quatermass comes around the corner of Hobbs End to find a thoughtful Barbara. It is the very last scene of the film before the titles.


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