Quatermass and the Pit

Quatermass and the Pit (1967)

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Corrected entry: Colonel Breen explains to Quatermass that the spaceship is an experimental German V-weapon from the second world war: However according to the story, the underground station (Hobbs End) was dug in 1927: The V-weapons first landed in London in 1944, so how was it possible for a V-weapon to land where it did underground, impacted soild in clay right next to a deep level underground railway station seventeen years later without anyone noticing at the time?


Correction: It isn't possible and doesn´t need to be, because the whole story is a lie.


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As Quatermass drives back to the spaceship in a cab, just before it is to be drilled, the film crew can be easily seen in the cab's windows. A woman with a white cap can be seen holding a script. Later when the police use a megaphone on their car to announce the spaceship is a hoax, you can again see the same woman with a white cap in one of the windows of the police car.



The actor who plays the Abbey Librarian in the film is played by Noel Howlett, however the same actor appeared under the name of Arthur Howlett as the church minister in the original 1957 BBC television version, that was filmed in black and white.