Trivia: Kevin Smith once happened upon a demonstration against this movie by a group of Catholics. Since nobody recognized him, he simply joined in.

Matty Blast

Trivia: Kevin Smith has a love of Spielberg movies and makes reference to them in a number of his movies. In the scene where Silent Bob throws the pair off the train he remarks to a bewildered onlooker 'no ticket'. This is actually the same as in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Harrison Ford throws the German guard off the zeppelin and remarks the same line to a bewildered looking couple.

Trivia: In the scene where Jay and Silent Bob are watching Serendipity perform, one shot cuts from Serendipity to Jay who is running his hands down his face. This happens because half the shot was cut; Bethany had originally smacked Jay upside his head while telling Rufus what happened to her car, and Jay was pulling his cap back down over his head.

Trivia: When Jay drags Bethany behind the PA equipment and says that she'd agree to sleep with him if it was the end of the world, he pulls out a condom. If it's the end of the world, and existence is going to be undone, why bother with a condom? [It's a gag, rather than a mistake in the film. Worth keeping as trivia though.]

Trivia: In the airport scene, Bartleby is reading an article about the Mooby franchise (you have to freeze the frame to notice it). I read the whole article, and it listed every Mooby product...except the magazine. The same product Bartleby forgets in the Mooby Conference room.

Trivia: The icon, or mascot, of the Mooby chain is a golden calf. For those not familar with the Old Testament, this is a reference to the story of Moses and the Israelites. While he was on Mount Sinai receiving the laws and Commandments directly from God (which took forty days), the Israelites grew restless for his return and decided, basically, to write him off. They then gathered all their golden earrings and melted them down into a new idol, that of a calf, which they commenced worshipping as their new god. When God, who had freed them, saw their fickleness, He told Moses to leave him alone so "that my wrath may wax hot against them, and that I may consume them." Moses argued for their safety and eventually God relented, but the golden calf stands as a symbol of turning one's back upon the power of God.

Rooster of Doom

Trivia: In the scene where Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are in the gun shop you can see Ben pick up a knife and play with it. If you continue to watch Ben you will see him cut his finger; he then recoils with a look of shock on his face. This is joked about in the DVD commentary too.

Trivia: In Mallrats and Clerks the events of both movies co-exist, but Mallrats takes place one day before, ex. the girl who dies at the YMCA is mentioned in both movies, but never actually shows up as a character. In Chasing Amy, Jay has the train tickets in his pocket, thus setting up his and Silent Bob's adventure in Dogma. At the end of Dogma, Jay tells Silent Bob to go hang out at the Quick Stop beginning his adventure in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. In every Kevin Smith movie references are made to his previous ones (mostly character reminiscing about their past actions).

Trivia: When they are in the bar watching the reign of terror at the church on the news, the newscaster is Brian O'Hallorahan (Dante Hicks from Clerks) making his fourth appearance in a Kevin Smith film. (He was suitor #3 in Mallrats (called Gil Hicks), and an executive in Chasing Amy). Also making a cameo is Jeff Anderson (Randal from Clerks) as the gun salesman. Several other Clerks minor characters also appear as well, as they do in all Kevin Smith's films.

Trivia: Not really to do with the film, more the back of the UK DVD (maybe other countries/formats as well). It's traditional in the blurb on the back to mention the cast, with an example or two of other films they've been in. For example: Ben Affleck (Armageddon, Shakespeare in Love, Good Will Hunting), and Alan Rickman (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Die Hard). All good examples. However, when they get to Chris Rock, they mention Lethal Weapon 4 (of course), Dr. Dolittle (hmm), and...Beverly Hills Cop 2! He had a miniscule part in that, 12 years ago! Most people don't even know he was in it! He had a bigger part in Beverly Hills Ninja! I don't even see why they had to mention 3 films, as Linda Fiorentino and Alan Rickman only get 2. Little thing, but it bugs me.

Jon Sandys

Trivia: Emma Thompson was originally slated to play God, but had to back out in order to have her baby.

Trivia: Kevin Smith jokingly told Jason Mewes to not mess up during filming due to Alan Rickman - a famous and very well-respected British actor - being cast in a major supporting role and sharing screentime with Mewes. A few days later, Mewes informed Smith that he had perfectly memorized every single word of the script, and shocked Kevin by confirming this by reciting several scenes word-for-word from memory. Mewes stated he did this because he wanted to "Piss off that Rickman guy." Rickman and Mewes ended up becoming friends on-set.

Trivia: Not a mistake, something interesting to note. After Bethany meets up with Rufus and they are at the Mooby restaurant, Rufus reveals that Bethany once let a boy named Bryan Johnson urinate on her hand. One of the protestors at the abortion clinic, the one that yells at Janeane Garofolo, is played by a guy named Bryan Johnson.

Trivia: Listen closely to what Jay tells Loki on the train. He's describing one of his and Silent Bob's attempts to dispatch of "La Fours" in Mallrats.

Trivia: Kevin Smith reportedly did not get along at all with star Linda Fiorentino, who he found difficult and unpleasant. (In Smith's defense, Fiorentino reportedly had a reputation for being a diva behind-the-scenes on many of her films, and her career came to an abrupt halt in the 2000's due to her reputation and her ties to a major criminal case.) Smith has since confessed that he wished he had cast Janeane Garofalo, who has a small cameo role at the beginning of the film, in the lead part.


Continuity mistake: When Silent Bob carries Bethany's body back to the church after she's been killed by God's blast of lightning, watch her fingers when Silent Bob puts her down; she adjusts them to rest more comfortably on her arm.

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Metatron: Any documented occasion where some yahoo claims God has spoken to them, they're speaking of me. Or they're talking to themselves.

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Question: Why is it that The Metatron, Bartleby, and Loki all refer to God as "He" when God actually turns out to be a woman? The Metatron even says "her" and "she" to Bethany, in reference to God, in a very patronizing manner, as if she's holding on to an incorrect belief.

Answer: Metatron explains at the very end that God has no gender, and can appear on Earth as a man or a woman. Metatron's patronizing tone is indicating that there are far more important matters afoot than which gender noun to use to describe God.


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