Corrected entry: When Bartleby's wings are shot off he brushes two feathers from the top of his head... a few seconds later he stands up and brushes the same two feathers from his head again.

Correction: The feathers don't fall out in the first shot, he just brushes them towards the back of his head then the camera cuts away. The second brush removes them completely.


Corrected entry: When Rufus falls out of the sky and reads that message from Jesus, he says it is written in Aramaic. Aramaic is written from right to left but he read it left to right like as if it was written in English.

Correction: There is nothing to indicate which direction Rufus is reading. He only swipes his finger across the word for "Jesus". He doesn't trace the text with his finger as he reads and we can't see his eyes.

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Corrected entry: Bethany gets pretty tipsy when she's chatting to Bartleby on the train; she slurs words and has the giggles. But she sobers up instantly when Rufus walks in and starts arguing with Bartleby.

Correction: She's relaxed and a bit tipsy. As soon as she realizes she's talking to a pissed-off ANGEL bent on genocide, the adrenaline rush and fear overrides the alcohol she's consumed.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Azrael kills the woman so he can make her house their headquarters, he moves to the thermostat and comments on how air conditioning is fantastic, but he turns the controller to the right (clockwise). In order to turn the air on, the controller would need to be turned back, or counterclockwise to achieve a lower temperature.

Michele Hedges

Correction: This is part of the joke. Azrael, though he sings the praises of air conditioning, has still been in hell so long that he has become accustomed to higher temperatures. He turns the dial to where it is most comfortable for him, anything cooler would be too cold. Sort of like how Californians might complain about how insanely cold a Minnesota winter is, but Minnesota natives don't really notice it that much.

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Corrected entry: When Bartleby and Loki try to get bus tickets, you can see that the speaker is taped to the window on the ticket saleswoman's side. (01:01:00)

Correction: The speakers on ticket booths are normally attached invisibly. Maybe the glue on this one just stopped working.

Corrected entry: When Jay is driving the car down the highway, he is going 100 mph. He can't shift gears, so he must be going 100 mph in first gear, which is impossible, if he even managed to find first gear at all.

Correction: It never states Jay can't shift gears, and this does not have to mean he had to have been in first gear. After the car breaks down, they open the hood to see a broken down engine, and Jay says to the rather annoyed Bethany "What do I know about shifting?" This could just as easily mean that he found his way to third or fourth gear, and then didn't realize he needed to shift into fifth when traveling at the excessive speed of 100 mph. No error here.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Rufus, Bethany, Jay and Bob are in the Mooby fast food restaurant and receive their food, Rufus is at first surprised upon receiving modern day fast food and asks "What do you call this shit?" Bethany answers "Egg and Mooby Muffin." Rufus later casually asks Bob "You gonna eat that hash brown?" Having seconds before shown himself to be naive about fast food, he would not have asked this question.

Correction: Hash browns were not invented by the fast-food industry - they've been around in one form or another for a long time.

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Corrected entry: When God destroys Bartleby she goes out into the street to clean up the mess that he made. When she gets there she is standing right next to Loki, but look closely at Loki's legs - when the camera moves up to God you can see Loki's legs moving out of the way.

Correction: [She IS God. She probably moved them herself, maybe to get them in a better spot for the removal.].

Corrected entry: When God rips off her first outfit to reveal the silver outfit, she tears off the top and it is still completely connected around her waist. In the next shot, which is a distance shot of her and Metatron, the dress is completely off already and she is rolling it up to hand to him.

Correction: God is supreme (to most people), so she can take her dress off however she feels.

Corrected entry: In the bar, the demon tells Silent Bob something like, "...and you're going to hit me with a putter?" When Bob then swings the golf club, destroying him, it's not a putter, it's a driver.

Correction: This was said in character, presumably to make the golf club seem like an even punier weapon.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jay tries to have sex with Bethany, the condom goes from being red and rolled up to white and unrolled as Jay talks about John Doe Jersey.

Correction: When the condom appears red, it is still in its wrapper. It cuts to a shot of Bethany, which gives Jay ample time to unwrap it.

Corrected entry: In the church scene where Ben Affleck stabs Matt Damon, when it shows him walking away, if you look at Matt, he begins to stand up

Correction: It's not like when you stab someone they are immediately dead and incapable of moving, he's DYING not DEAD, he very well may try to get up before he actually DIES.

Corrected entry: Bartleby & Loki are planning to transubstantiate (become human), walk through the arch, then die & be able to go to heaven. At the end of the movie, Bartleby interrupts the rededication ceremony near the beginning (the Cardinal has just started his opening remarks when Bartleby walks up & starts causing havok). Since the ceremony hasn't taken place, the arch should still be a "normal" arch, and do nothing for them. Had they transubstantiated, waited for the end of the ceremony, then walked through with everyone else, they could have gone back to heaven. Point being, the ending, with Bartleby going insane and killing everyone would keep them from being able to return to heaven and thereby unmake existance. So, the entire plot of the movie is rendered moot.

Correction: The redeication ceremony is not what activated the archway as a tool for plenery indulgence, it was the papal sanction stating that all who walked through the arch on the day of the rededication would be absolved of sin. The confusion arises because of Jay's plan to close the church, but that involved locking the door so no one could cross, and breaking the door down wouldn't help.

Corrected entry: When Loki and Bartleby are at the airport and Loki is done talking to the nun, he jumps over the seat to sit next to Bartleby, but watch where he starts to where he ends. On the away shot of him, he is coming across from 2 seats away from him, then in the near shot, he is moving into the seat right next to him.

Correction: He steps across a diagnal, not straight back.

Corrected entry: In the same scene they show Loki throw a knife in the intercom, if you look closely each time you see the intercom it disappears and returns several times.

Correction: There are two intercoms, and the knife is always in the right one.

Corrected entry: During the final sequence, the news van is KREL. If it was a New Jersey station, it should be a W***, not a K***.

Correction: The W at the begining of East of the Mississippi stations does have exceptions, very notablly KROQ in New York.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bartleby and Loki are at Mooby H.Q then in all the shots Ben Affleck's and Matt Damon's oscars can be seen on either side of the cabinet in the background. In the shot where Loki is offering the woman chewing gum and then leaves the room the oscar from one side is no longer there.

Correction: Since the trophy cup on the upper shelf of that same set is displaced several inches to the left, and the shelf where the Oscar was has a huge blood splatter across it, it seems natural to believe the award was knocked down/aside during the fracas.

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Corrected entry: When Loki and Bartleby are on the bus, the interior of the bus is lit rather brightly. However, when Loki shoots the adulterer, the scene cuts to an exterior of a very dark bus headed toward camera.

Correction: It looks dark because the windows are tinted, it's merely an illusion the lighting doesn't actually change.

Corrected entry: When Jay and Silent Bob are at the restaurant with Bethany after saving her, Jay says a some point in the conversation that the movie 'Breakfast Club' is PG rated; in fact it's rated R.

Correction: He said Weird Science was PG-13, he made no reference to Breakfast Club's rating.

Corrected entry: At the end, he clearly fires about 200 bullets out of a half-full Mac 10 clip, which would have been approx. 15 rounds. A Mac10 fires around 15 rounds per second, yet he holds that trigger down for about 10 seconds.

Correction: This was the gun that appeared in Azrael's hand in the bar. Guns summoned into existence by demons can safely be presumed magical.

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Continuity mistake: When Silent Bob renders the demon disabled by using the anti-odour spray, you see him take the spray out of his coat and spray with his thumb. However, it cuts to a front view, and he is clearly seen using his index finger. It then cuts to Bob's rear, and he is, again, spraying with his thumb.

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Bethany: You're saying that having beliefs is a bad thing?
Rufus: I think it's better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier.

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Trivia: Kevin Smith once happened upon a demonstration against this movie by a group of Catholics. Since nobody recognized him, he simply joined in.

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