Corrected entry: In the scene where Loki wreaks havoc on the Mooby corporates at the Mooby Products International headquarters, outside the office window, you can clearly see the very same New Jersey church that Bartleby and Loki were venturing to.

Correction: Those are actually two different churches, but they are only about 3 miles apart.

Corrected entry: When God destroys Bartleby she goes out into the street to clean up the mess that he made. When she gets there she is standing right next to Loki, but look closely at Loki's legs - when the camera moves up to God you can see Loki's legs moving out of the way.

Correction: [She IS God. She probably moved them herself, maybe to get them in a better spot for the removal.].

Corrected entry: According to "official" mythology Loki and Azrael should swap names. In Scandinavian mythology Loki is the god of mischief, the instigator of conflicts. In Muslim belief Azrael is one of the archangels and, more specifically, the angel of death. In Jewish tradition Azrael is the embodiment of evil but, as the angel of death, does God's work.

Correction: This is a work of fiction. Kevin Smith can name his characters whatever he wants. He was not refering to those existing characters.

Continuity mistake: The writing on the second book from the left on the right of Bethany's bed changes colours in different scenes.

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Bethany: You're saying that having beliefs is a bad thing?
Rufus: I think it's better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier.

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Trivia: When Jay drags Bethany behind the PA equipment and says that she'd agree to sleep with him if it was the end of the world, he pulls out a condom. If it's the end of the world, and existence is going to be undone, why bother with a condom? [It's a gag, rather than a mistake in the film. Worth keeping as trivia though.]

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Question: After Matt Damon shoots the sinner on the bus he and Ben Affleck get off the bus and Matt Damon starts singing a strange song. What is that song all about?

Answer: In the bus, Ben Affleck teases Matt Damon for thinking that the movie "Krush Groove" was going to leave a greater legacy than "E.T." So after they leave the bus, Matt Damon's starts with this riff from Krush Groove. The words are, "Whose house? Run's house. I said whose house? Run's house." The "Run" is from "Run DMC," stars of Krush Groove.

K.C. Sierra
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