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Corrected entry: At the end of the lighthouse scene, Sakaki Yuko lets Shuya out of the room he's been locked in and speaks to him. This does benefit the plot (Shuya would have been locked in there till Day 3 if she hadn't released him then), but it seems a strange thing for Yuko to do, considering that she was terrified of Shuya and thought he would kill her as soon as he got the chance. (01:17:15)

Correction: Yeah but Yuko had just witnessed all her friend's dying in front of her and by her own hand technically. Releasing Shuya wasn't the rational thing to do but I don't think you could expect her to be rational after what she just witnessed. Also, she jumped off the lighthouse less than a minute after she let him out, so she wanted to die and maybe really wouldn't have cared what Shuya would do.

Corrected entry: Kiriyama uses both grenades in the clinic. However, he does not have both grenades, since one fell out of his bag (hard to see behind the caption) as he was walking along the beach, moments after obtaining them.

Correction: The grenade didn't fall out of the bag - I just watched the scene in a slo-mo about 10 times. The sound that you hear is Kiriyama stepping in a puddle.

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Corrected entry: After Kitano kills Fujiyoshi, he seems regretful and says that he's not supposed to kill the students himself (he says this even though that student was earlier being disruptive). Less than ten minutes later he deliberately kills another student.

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Correction: Kitano was being sarcastic, as if to say "Oh well...".

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, we see the end of a previous Battle Royale; the winner is announced on TV in a great media frenzy. But when the hero wins the main Battle Royale, nothing happens at all. (True, he has not really won, but the system thinks he has).

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Correction: When the girl wins the Battle Royale, we can assume that this isn't immediately after her victory - a number of minutes or hours after. The same would've happened for Kawada, had the circumstances not been as they were. Also, it could be that they didn't want to show that the Battle Royale system had been cheated.

Corrected entry: When the rules are introduced on the video, the announcer says that the island is deserted apart from the teachers and organizers and the playing pupils. So who is running the radio station which broadcasts the workout program that the teacher listens to at the end?

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Correction: It says that it's "Battle Royale exercises" - if those guys could install all that equipment, they surely could control the radio on the island.

Corrected entry: Utsumi can be seen breathing when Shuya finds her dead downstairs in the lighthouse.

Correction: It's entirely possible that she is meant to still be dying and not quite dead yet.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Kitano removes the knife from Fujiyoushi's head, you can hear the knife making a sound as if it's being unsheathed from something metal. A knife being removed from a skull wouldn't make that kind of sound. (00:12:20)

Correction: Yes, it could. That type of sound comes from the scraping of metal against a hard surface, causing the knife to vibrate. The scraping against the bone of the skull could easily cause that.

Corrected entry: In the initiation scene, Kitano kills Fujiyoushi by throwing a knife at her head. The knife penetrates her skull almost in between her eyebrows. Yet when he pulls the knife out, it looks as if the knife actually struck her under the eye or on the cheek.

Correction: This has been digitally corrected in certain versions of the film.

Revealing mistake: Many times throughout the movie, people are shot and they bleed, but their clothes don't have holes from where the bullets hit them. The most noticeable examples are when the teacher is shot at the end, and when the big gun fight between the girls breaks out in the lighthouse.

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Teacher Kitano: Life is a game. So fight for survival and see if you're worth it.

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Trivia: Because of the violent and controversial nature of the film, Toei refused to license it for North American distribution. It also rejected offers from North American companies who wanted to purchase the license of the film.


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Chosen answer: This is untrue. Read the reason at


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