Battle Royale

Kawada, Shuya and Noriko are the only 3 students remaining. Kawada seems to turn on them and apparently kills them, and is then announced the winner. But somehow he tricked Kitano, and Shuya and Noriko are still alive and all 3 confront him. Shuya thinks that Kitano is going to kill Noriko and kills him first. They take a boat off the island, but Kawada dies on the way. Shuya and Noriko become fugitives, wanted for the murder of Kitano.

Tight Rope

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Teacher Kitano: Life is a game. So fight for survival and see if you're worth it.



When Sugimura is looking for Kotohiki, he activates his scanner to see if she is nearby. The scanner shows her location, but fails to show either Mitsuko or Kiriyama, who show up quickly after.



In the film, the two transfer students are Kiriyama, the silent killer, and Kawada, the winner of a previous Battle Royale. In the original novel, only Kawada was the transfer student; Kiriyama was in the same class selected for this game of death. He was the main antagonist.