Matchstick Men

Continuity mistake: As Nicolas Cage is smoking a cigarette in his car when his daughter comes into view for the 1st time. The camera angle flips between him, him with her in the background, to his key, back to him, and back to him with her in the background. Each time the angle changes so does the length of his cigarette. The time span is only a matter of 10-15 secs as she walks up and then starts to walk away, but his cigarette ends up being longer than when she walked up. (00:25:25)

Donald Jenkins

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Angela and Roy are bowling, Angela rolls her ball down lane 23. When Roy takes a turn bowling a second later, he throws his ball in the gutter in lane 26.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Nicholas Cage fixes his daughter spaghetti, she grabs a beer and the foam fills the neck. Then the shot goes behind her and the foam half-fills the neck, then from the front again the neck is full.

Continuity mistake: Cage's partner removes his clip-on tie when he returns to the office after posing as FBI. As soon as he pulls it off and you see his top button still buttoned, the shot changes and you see his arm movement from pulling it off. But his top button is now unbuttoned. (00:09:00)


Continuity mistake: When Nicolas Cage finds his daughter walking near her school (after their big falling out), he rolls down his car window to talk to her. She turns to leave, then the camera angle changes and the window is all the way up again. (01:24:00)

Jon Nicholas

Continuity mistake: When Cage meets his daughter and takes her to the diner to eat, the amount mayonnaise on her lip changes in every shot change.


Continuity mistake: When Angela runs away crying and Roy follows her her tears dry up between shots while they are talking in the street. (00:50:00)


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