Matchstick Men

Alison Lohman is not Nicolas Cage's daugher, but part of a sting (with Sam Rockwell, Bruce Altman and probably others) to con Nicolas Cage out of his money. Years later, Nicolas Cage now has a real job as a carpet salesman, where he meets Alison again and they make up. Nicolas Cage then goes home to reveal that he has married again, this time to the cashier he kept going to at the supermarket. Plus Nicolas Cage's new wife is also pregnant.

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Continuity mistake: As Nicolas Cage is smoking a cigarette in his car when his daughter comes into view for the 1st time. The camera angle flips between him, him with her in the background, to his key, back to him, and back to him with her in the background. Each time the angle changes so does the length of his cigarette. The time span is only a matter of 10-15 secs as she walks up and then starts to walk away, but his cigarette ends up being longer than when she walked up. (00:25:25)

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Roy: Fourteen! You're fourteen! When'd you have time to get arrested?

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Trivia: Alison Lohman, who plays Nicolas Cage's teenage (14) daughter, is actually 24.

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