Matchstick Men

Corrected entry: Every time the "money dog" was opened, it barked or something similar. However in the scene at Roy's house when Chuck obliges Angela to take the money, the dog doesn't make any sound.


Correction: The dog does bark when Angela goes to get the money, it's just hard to hear because men are talking. But if you listen closely, you can hear it.

Corrected entry: Nicolas Cage arrives home late to find his daughter asleep. He has bought a tub of her favorite ice cream, but apparently neither of them stay up to eat it. First thing the next morning, she gets the ice cream out. When opened, it's obviously already been eaten from. (00:40:05)

Jon Nicholas

Correction: Actually when Cage arrives, the girl wakes up, so there is time for her to go and try her favourite ice cream before going to bed again.


Corrected entry: When Bruce McGill's character catches Nick Cage and his daughter at Nick Cage's house, the fact that Sam Rockwell was there should have been a warning to Cage. McGill claimed to have found Cage because of his daughter. He'd have no way of finding Rockwell.

Correction: Cage has no way of knowing that. McGill was introduced to Cage by Rockwell, Cage would not have known if Rockwell had left any trace for McGill to track him down.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film Cage shows signs of OCD, towards the end of the film he slowly slips out of it and eventually gets it out of his system. However, when he is with his daughter and they order pizza he opens the door for the pizza man. At no point in the movie does he just open his front door, he does it three times.

Correction: That's because each time he opens the door for the pizza man, he is with his daughter. His daughter is the cure.

Corrected entry: At the supermarket, Nicolas Cage buys cans of tuna and packs of cigarettes. Supermarkets nowadays lock up all the cigarettes. You have to ask the cashier and then they'll open up the case containing the smokes; you can't take them yourself.

Correction: Not all supermarkets lock up their cigarettes.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Roy is driving Angela home after meeting her the first time, the camera changes back and forth from a shot of the driver and a shot of the passenger. In the shots of the driver, his side view mirror shows a moving reflection of road, cars and scenery. In the shots of the passenger, the side view mirrow shows the same blurry picture which does not move at all.

Correction: It's just the side of the car - because of where the camera is that is all you can see reflected in that mirror.


Corrected entry: All the times that Roy is in his car you can see that the windows are dirty. For someone like him, you'd think he'd clean them.

Correction: You would think that, as it follows a line of logic. However, living with an OCD person, I can say that they're obssessive compulsive tendencies don't necessarily follow a line of logic. It is possible that he has to have his home windows squeaky clean and not care about his car at all. Odd, I know, but I've given up trying to figure out OCD.

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Corrected entry: When Roy leaves Angela at his house to go make a deal, she searches it while he is gone. When she finds the dog and opens it and sees the gun and money, she says "no way," like she can't belive it but at the end, it reveals that she was in on the con all along. Why would she be suprised if she knew all along that he was a con artist?

Correction: She is surprised that he has all that money in the dog instead of a bank.

Osky #13

Corrected entry: In one scene in the movie, when Cage is waiting for his daughter to come home from school, there are 3 quick camera shots from Cage to outside the car, back to Cage inside the car, and back to outside the car, all within about 5 seconds, in the first one, the cigarette in his mouth is still new/long, in the second it's short, and in the third, it's back to new/long.

Correction: It was a quick way to show that he waited a long time.

Osky #13

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, Nicholas Cage gets out of the hospital bed easily, despite the fact that his hand was hand-cuffed to the side of the bed.

Correction: The "police officers" that were watching him were obviously fake, so when Frank came to leave him a note and clothes, he or one of the "officers" uncuffed him, as it was all a set up.

Corrected entry: While Nicolas Cage is waiting to meet his daughter for the first time, he smokes in his car. Pay attention to the length of his cigarette during camera shifts. Sometimes the length change doesn't match the amount of time between shots.

Jon Nicholas

Correction: It is showing that he was waiting a long period of time. when it cuts to a diferent angle its cutting to lets say 30 mins later or an hour. It's time elapsing.

Continuity mistake: As Nicolas Cage is smoking a cigarette in his car when his daughter comes into view for the 1st time. The camera angle flips between him, him with her in the background, to his key, back to him, and back to him with her in the background. Each time the angle changes so does the length of his cigarette. The time span is only a matter of 10-15 secs as she walks up and then starts to walk away, but his cigarette ends up being longer than when she walked up. (00:25:25)

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Roy: Fourteen! You're fourteen! When'd you have time to get arrested?

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Trivia: Alison Lohman, who plays Nicolas Cage's teenage (14) daughter, is actually 24.

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