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Corrected entry: When Dorinda comes to see Pete off for the last time, she cycles up to his aircraft and climbs up the co-pilot's ladder to have her deep-and-meaningful. Trouble is, the ladder would have been retracted for takeoff - obviously. There was no way for the pilot to put the ladder down from the cockpit on the B26 'Marauder' Pete is flying, and when Dorinda gets to the side of his aircraft he is still getting out of the pilot's seat anyway.

Correction: Pete is NOT flying a B-26 Marauder.The aircraft in question is the A-26 Invader built by Douglas.

Continuity mistake: When Dorinda comes to see Pete off the last time she throws her bike on the runway. When it falls down the front wheel turns so that it almost points backwards, but when she picks it up later it points ahead. (00:31:30)


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Al Yackey: My engine's on fire! Can you believe that? And I was in such a good mood.

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