Always (1989)

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Continuity mistake: When Dorinda comes to see Pete off the last time she throws her bike on the runway. When it falls down the front wheel turns so that it almost points backwards, but when she picks it up later it points ahead. (00:31:30)


Continuity mistake: When Al's plane catches on fire you see him rip his sunglasses off but when Pete flies up next to him, Al's sunglasses are back on.

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Suggested correction: Uh, he put it back on? Plenty of time to do so.

Continuity mistake: When Dorinda prepares dinner for Ted she makes a great effort do make it look home-cooked by making a great mess, like splattering mashed potatoes on a cook book. In the next shot she powders everything with flour, including the book, but the mashed potatoes are gone. (01:18:45)


Continuity mistake: When Dorinda and Ted stop the school bus with the sick driver this happens in an open area without any houses. The driver comes out and collapses, Ted asks her to call paramedics, and she runs over to a house standing just a few meters off the road. (01:15:45)


Continuity mistake: When Al's engine catches fire the left propeller almost stops. When the shot changes to inside the cabin the propeller is rotating fast again. (00:33:25)


Continuity mistake: After Pete lands his plane without any fuel left he smears oil on Al's face. When we see Al next the oil on his left cheek is almost gone, but then it is back for the rest of the scene. (00:08:10)


Continuity mistake: When Al is packing Dorinda's stuff he almost empties out the upper shelf of the wardrobe in one big sweep. The camera cuts to Dorina and than back to Al, and the shelf is full again. (00:59:00)


Continuity mistake: As part of her efforts to appear as a cook Dorinda drapes a dirty towel over her shoulder with a black stain at the tip. When the doorbell rings and she takes an approving look at herself in the mirror, the stain covers half the towel. (01:18:50)


Continuity mistake: When Dorinda is consoled by Al after Pete dies, her hand is on her face in the initial shot but not in the next.

Continuity mistake: The A-26 that Pete was flying when it blew up had a tail number of 57. In the end scenes, when Dorinda is taking Ted's A-26 (tail number 59), you can see 57 sitting on the flight line behind the idling 59.

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Suggested correction: The base apparently doesn't use unique tail ID numbers, since whenTed is landing after seeing the hermit, there are two aircraft with 59 on their tail visible in front of the hanger, so why not two 57s? (yes, this duplicate is probably just another mistake by the filmmakers) Alternatively, it is also possible that after the explosion, another aircraft was assigned a tail number of 57.

Al Yackey: My engine's on fire! Can you believe that? And I was in such a good mood.

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