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Always is Steven Spielberg's romantic fantasy drama about a hotshot firefighting pilot named Pete who loves a fellow flier named Dorinda dearly, but she has a bad feeling that his days are numbered just when they want to be together. As fate would have it, Pete dies in the line of duty...and becomes a spirit able to influence others. When he realises that without him, Dorinda's life is without direction or energy, Pete must help her-and himself-move on, by assisting her in becoming a great pilot in her own right and finding a chance at love with Ted, a new pilot. John Goodman has an early role as Al, both Pete and Dorinda's best friend and also a fellow pilot. Not nearly as romantic as Ghost but sharing some commonalities, the simple plot is easy to follow and there's no big surprises here-it's mildly entertaining and perhaps one of the least memorable of Spielberg's films.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: When Dorinda prepares dinner for Ted she makes a great effort do make it look home-cooked by making a great mess, like splattering mashed potatoes on a cook book. In the next shot she powders everything with flour, including the book, but the mashed potatoes are gone. (01:18:45)


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Pete Sandich: There's something fishy going on here, and I don't think it's the chicken.

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