The Matrix Revolutions

Trivia: In Greek mythology Persephone was the wife of Hades, ruler of Hell. Persephone is the wife of the Merovingian, ruler of the Hell Club.

Trivia: Gloria Foster, who played the Oracle in the first two Matrix movies, passed away two years ago (September 2001), forcing an explanation for the change of appearance in this film.

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Trivia: The way it all unfolds with Neo dying at the end and looking at his weakest throughout the whole movie, is a clear reference of the last days of Jesus Christ, in which he looked his most weak and humble. As a matter of fact, Neo, just like Jesus died to save everyone, he even died with his arms outstretched on a dark summit very similar to Golgotha, the place where Jesus died.

Trivia: The Jesus references keep coming, because after Neo leaves the Logos, we see what he sees. When he's walking towards the opening, he looks down and sees ripples going from his feet, almost as if he was walking on water.

Trivia: At the end of the movie where the Oracle is talking to the Architect, there is a plaque on the bench she is sitting on which says "In memory of Thomas A. Anderson".

Trivia: The Oracle never breathes out any of the smoke from her cigarettes, even when she talks immediately after having a drag. Fake cigarette or part of the Oracle's mystery? Either way it's almost certainly a reference to the ancient Greek Oracle at Delphi, where the Pythia would engage in a ritual that involved inhaling laurel and barley smoke before giving her prophecy.

Trivia: After Agent Smith throws Trinity into the lower deck of the Logos, she frees herself with a piece of glass. The shot of her looking up is an obvious reference to the Wachowski Brothers earlier film, Bound, in which the heroine frees herself in the same way.

Trivia: In the beginning of the movie Neo is caught in a squeaky clean, glaring white subway station, trapped "between your world and the machine world". There is a sign on the wall, displayed very prominently throughout the entire duration of the whole scene, that says "Mobil Ave". The "Mobil" is most likely a deliberate anagram of "limbo", a good description of where he's trapped.

Trivia: The filmmakers estimated that one ton of water was poured down over Weaving and Reeves every minute during the six weeks in which they filmed their final showdown.

Trivia: When Trinity, Morpheus and Seriph are chasing the Trainman, they run past some billboards on the walls. Some of them advertise Powerade drink which is found in the Enter the Matrix game (it's common in Australia, where this was filmed, so this isn't major trivia, but interesting). Also the last billboard Seriph runs past says "Follow the white rabbit".

Trivia: Just before the images of matrix code at the beginning of the movie settle on the orange "Explosion" you can see the code form a small bulls head. It's a nice nod to Chicago, the Wachowski brothers home city. Plus their home NBA team, the Chicago Bulls.

Trivia: In the scene where Neo fights Agent Smith on the road with all the other Smiths watching in the line, there was so much rain falling that Keanu and Hugo had to wear wetsuits under their clothes and could almost never see what they were doing.

Trivia: The Kid (the boy who opens the gate after Mifune dies) is one of the few side characters that has a background. In the 'Animatrix' episode 'Kid's Story', It is possible to learn how he got out of Matrix and understand what Neo means in Matrix Reloaded ('you saved yourself').

Trivia: A lot of people bemoan loose endings in this, but in part that's probably down to this movie, more than any other on this site (hence barely qualifying this as trivia), attracting utterly inane submissions, listed here for the amusement of people who've actually paid attention to the other two films. Firstly, at no point in either of the movies does anyone say that they've "destroyed the sun", which would have resulted in an error when they fly above the clouds and see it, as at least three people have submitted. They scorched the sky (ie. caused heavy cloud cover). How are you supposed to destroy the sun? Nor did anyone say that Zion was destroyed at the end of Reloaded - the battle which only Bane survived was the attempted EMP-based ambush of the machines within the tunnel system. And finally, Niobe didn't die in Reloaded - don't know where anyone got that idea from. Keep an eye on this entry for more daft submissions - I do wish people would pay attention sometimes...

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Trivia: The cat that appears at the end when Sati wakes up is the same cat that was in the first film when Neo said he had a case of deja vu. It even shakes the same way when the matrix changes.

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Trivia: In the credits, the source (the big machine head that speaks to Neo) is credited as "Deus ex machina" which means "a god from a machine." In ancient Greek and Roman dramas, a deus ex machina referred to a god lowered by stage machinery to resolve a plot or extricate the protagonist from a difficult situation.

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Trivia: Additional "Jesus" references: 1) when the surge of power goes through Neo's real body as his Matrix self is assimilated, it forms a plainly visible crucifix shape across his torso and outstretched arms. 2) In the long view of Neo's body on the barge as it is borne away, when it switches to the fiery "alternate vision" the machines' tentacles form a very angelic outline.

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Trivia: In Enter The Matrix, the accompanying video game to Reloaded and Revolutions, the Oracle tells Niobe that the reason she looks different is because two programs she trusted sold the termination code for her former shell to the Merovingian in exchange for the life of their child. That child is Sati, who Neo meets in the train station.

Trivia: Link's wife played the part of Sarge in a show called Cleopatra 2525, in which, just like in the Matrix, humans have been driven many miles underground while machines rule the surface.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Neo sees the oracle at her home, as the shots go back and forth during the dialog immediately after she sits down, her cigarette pack goes from closed to slightly open several times, until she takes a cigarette, then it stays slightly open. (00:25:00)

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Mifune: If it is our time to die, than it is our time to die. But we'll give them hell before we do!

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Question: Every ship in the fleet has got an EMP, why didn't they build one at the platform?

Answer: They never wanted to have the possibility of it getting set off accidentally, as it would render the entire dock area (and possible more) inert instantly. In fact, they probably weren't terribly prepared for the Sentinels ever to find/reach their location. In 100 years, they hadn't yet.

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