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Dark City (1998)

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Continuity mistake: When John is visited in jail by Emma, he is escorted by one policeman. A second policeman then magically appears in the close-up.

Continuity mistake: When Emma is protecting John at the top of the stairs and he says, "I didn't kill anyone," her hand is at her side. In the next shot, her arm is raised in front of him. One shot later, it's back at her side. (00:23:40)


Continuity mistake: While John and Emma are talking on the phone at the prison, Emma smiles and says she loves him. In the shots of John, we can see her reflection and she is not smiling. (01:05:00)


Visible crew/equipment: Mr. Book levitates Dr. Schreber and asks him why Murdoch doesn't sleep. As Murdoch is being brought back, the wire holding him up is visible briefly. (00:31:29)


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Murdock is in jail talking with Emma on the phones through the glass, he presses his fingers to hers, against the glass, & the glass shatters. Right when it is shattering & he pulls away, if you look very carefully you can see the reflection of his hand in an additional pane of glass that is still there! The next shot shows no glass as they kiss, but when the original glass breaks, there is still a pane of glass remaining, as evidenced by the reflection of his hand. (01:05:08)

Other mistake: Frank visits Walenski just before the tuning, but the clock in his house says it is 1 o'clock. (00:27:17)


Continuity mistake: Murdoch has to break in a window to escape from being crushed by a building. The first scene shows him kicking in the window with many jagged pieces at the top of the window frame. Another scene then shows Murdoch still removing the glass, but now there are only two smooth fragments at the top of the window. We then see Murdoch moving his head through the window and entering into a room with no glass at the top of the window frame. All the while, during those three quick scenes, there was no effort by Murdoch to clear the broken glass at the top of the window. (00:59:25)

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Continuity mistake: The hole in the Shell Beach poster is a different shape when Murdoch tears it than after he punches through the brick wall behind it - the poster runs right up to the hole. (01:15:30)


Visible crew/equipment: When Murdoch leaps from the doorway to the chimney to escape Mr. Sleep, the wires holding him very obviously pull on his jacket at the shoulders. (01:00:15)


Continuity mistake: When Bumstead confronts Emma and John outside their apartment, Emma just catches up to John and steps in front of him with her right hand in his side. In the next shot, her left hand has swung around and is gripping his sleeve. (00:23:30)


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Murdoch falls off the building, you can see the rope that is holding him up, twice. (00:59:00)

Continuity mistake: When Emma is singing the 2nd time in some shots her left ear is covered by her hair and in some it is exposed. (00:41:20)


Continuity mistake: While John and Emma are talking on the phone at the prison, Emma's hand changes position on the receiver from shot to shot. (01:04:30)


Continuity mistake: When Murdoch falls off the building and grabs the fire escape, he catches the handrail. Two shots later, he pulls himself up from the bars. (00:59:00)


Other mistake: When Murdoch is flipping through the phone book looking for Karl Harris, the names are nonsensical (Mreland, Mrons, Msaac - i.e. names that start with I starting with an M). Secondly, the pages are all the same. Thirdly, if he is looking for Harris then he should not be flipping forwards through the Ms (or even the Is), he should be going backwards. (00:44:14)


Continuity mistake: In the interrogation scene, Bumstead says, "Every time I try to rearrange the pieces it still doesn't make any sense." While he says this, he hits the table and indicates the objects scattered on it, but in the next shot his hand is raised and palm up. (01:01:40)


Continuity mistake: After Mr. Hand is imprinted, in the shot as the machine raises him, his headband is shifted slightly over his right eyebrow. In every other shot, the headband is exactly centered over his nose. (00:43:05)


Character mistake: When Murdoch finds the correct page in the phonebook, it is not sorted correctly. e.g. "Harber G" should be before "Harber TJ" and "Harrison Dale" should be before "Harrison E" (00:44:18)


Continuity mistake: When John is in front of the shop window trying to remember his first name, there is a small sign in the window saying "Back at 3 o'clock." A few shots later when John starts spinning in a circle, the sign is backwards, revealing a flipped shot.


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Trivia: The opening narration in the theatrical version of the film was included at the insistence of the studio, who feared the audience might not understand the film. Director Alex Proyas hated the narration, and had it entirely removed from the film when his director's cut was released several years later.


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