Dark City

Trivia: In the scene where the two buildings are Tuned together to crush Murdoch, it was done without CGI. The director actually created two giant buildings on wheels and rolled them together. (00:59:10)


Trivia: The rooftop Murdoch runs across, is the same one Trinity runs across in The Matrix.

Trivia: The opening narration in the theatrical version of the film was included at the insistence of the studio, who feared the audience might not understand the film. Director Alex Proyas hated the narration, and had it entirely removed from the film when his director's cut was released several years later.


Trivia: Part of the inspiration for the Stranger altering the city every night came from director Alex Proyas' time working on the film "The Crow." Proyas would often watch the set-decorators moving around props and pieces of the set between takes, which gave him the idea for a place that could be changed at will.


Trivia: Many deliberate anachronisms were included in the film to hint that something wasn't quite right.


Trivia: Roger Ebert was a massive admirer of the film - so much so, that he even agreed to record a commentary track for the movie's DVD release, in which he analyzed the film. Ebert only ever did this a handful of times, mostly for films that were considered classics.


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