Dark City

Dark City (1998)

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Continuity mistake: When John falls down after reading the newspaper clippings in front of the Shell Beach billboard, one of the Strangers can be seen approaching him on the far left of the screen, in front of a window at the top of some stairs. But in the next shot, the Stranger is suddenly further down the stairs.


Continuity mistake: When Mr. Hand pricks Emma's throat, the blood moves from the middle of her neck to just under her jawbone and changes shape between the closeup and the larger shot. (01:17:25)


Continuity mistake: Emma steps in front of John to protect him from Bumstead at their apartment and says, "You have the wrong man." But in the previous shot and the next one, she is about two feet farther to John's left. (00:23:35)


Continuity mistake: At the part when Mr. Sleep scratches his knife against the wall and Murdoch falls out of the doorway. The door is on the right side, but when they show the downward shot, it is on the other side. (01:00:00)

John Murdoch: I was just thinking, what you do seems kind of dangerous right now. I mean, how do you know I'm not the killer?
May: I don't. Why, you feeling any urges I should know about?

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Trivia: The opening narration in the theatrical version of the film was included at the insistence of the studio, who feared the audience might not understand the film. Director Alex Proyas hated the narration, and had it entirely removed from the film when his director's cut was released several years later.


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