The Matrix Revolutions

After the battle in Zion, Trinity and the blinded Neo make their way to the machine city. They are attacked by sentinels, and they crash land in the machine city. Trinity dies in the crash, and Neo must then make his way to the source alone. He confronts the source, and tells it that he wants peace in exchange for destroying the virus Smith program that has completely taken over the Matrix. Neo is then jacked into the Matrix, through the source. He confronts Smith in a long battle, and eventually realises that he needs to sacrifice himself. So he allows Smith to copy over him. At the machine city, a surge of energy is sent through Neo into Smith, destroying all the Smith clones in the Matrix as well as Neo. The machines then leave the humans in a stalemate, and Neo's lifeless body is pulled off into the darkness. After the Matrix is rebuilt, the Oracle meets up with Seraph, Sati, and the Architect. They discuss the peace between the two worlds, and the Oracle suggests that Neo may return someday. We also discover out that Sati's purpose is to create sunrises.


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