Welcome To Collinwood
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Pero: Please, your honor I'm here to confess. That man is innocent. Your honor I can no longer live with the guilt. It was me who was stealing that car, I confess. My brother Cosimo, Saint Cosimo as he's known on the streets, was only trying to stop me. And I told him, 'Cosimo, I need to steal this car, I'm a car thief, I steal cars... by myself.'.

Riley: This Bellini is starting to look like a real Kapuchnik.

Continuity mistake: When Carmela comes to Pero's place and surprises the gang he greets her trying to act cool, leaning against the wall with his arm up. There's a brief shot of Carmela where we also see a bit of Pero who is not moving at all, then the camera is back on Pero and he raises his arm again. (00:55:15)


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