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Corrected entry: When Leon has Pero on the floor with his keys, Pero gets a drop of blood to the left of his nose, this is visible on the close up, but then on the wider shot, it has disappeared, then back in the close up.

Correction: On DVD the blood is visible also in the wider shot.


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Pero: Please, your honor I'm here to confess. That man is innocent. Your honor I can no longer live with the guilt. It was me who was stealing that car, I confess. My brother Cosimo, Saint Cosimo as he's known on the streets, was only trying to stop me. And I told him, 'Cosimo, I need to steal this car, I'm a car thief, I steal cars... by myself.'.



When Carmela comes to Pero's place and surprises the gang he greets her trying to act cool, leaning against the wall with his arm up. There's a brief shot of Carmela where we also see a bit of Pero who is not moving at all, then the camera is back on Pero and he raises his arm again.