Conan the Barbarian

Continuity mistake: When Conan is captured and Thulsa scolds him for killing his snake, Conan's cloth is in rags by his elbow. Then in a close-up the cloth is not that torn apart and it's over his shoulder. Then a baddie rips it and back to a wide angle with the cloth in rags by Conan's elbow again. The close-up angle should've come first of all.


Revealing mistake: After Conan pushes the heavy cauldron to spill the green liquid, the cauldron falls off and bounces like a football, revealing it's a prop.


Revealing mistake: When Conan kills the baddies in the orgy, he aims a blow at a man's neck, then punches a guy standing next to a column (and later stabs his stomach), but his punch misses by far.


Continuity mistake: When Conan enters the witch's place and she throws something in the fireplace, he has his hand by his mouth. When the angle changes it's further away, next to his right shoulder.


Continuity mistake: When Conan is inside the cave and finds the sword, he turns his left hand around to grab the handle, but a shot later from a different angle his hand is in a totally different position, holding the sword from someplace else.


Revealing mistake: When the movie begins and Conan's father is talking, watch the pattern of the blue-screened clouds behind. The same clip is being repeated over and over again.


Continuity mistake: After Conan ends fighting in the ring he takes his hand to his neck, hair covering it. A shot later his hand is over his hair.


Continuity mistake: When Conan is about to climb into the tunnel that leads to the snake pit, he has a dagger and on his back his sword, but when he is inside the snake pit, the sword is gone.


Subotai: Food. Food. I have not eaten for days.
Conan: And who says you will?

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Question: When Conan is learning how to use a sword, why did the teacher slap Conan in the face and then kick the other student in the chest?

Answer: Like an Army Drill Sargent, he was berating them for not doing it better. Toughening them to become the best they could be.

Also, the other student laughs at Conan's punishment, so the teacher kicks him to teach him some humility.

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