Conan the Barbarian

Continuity mistake: In the orgy scene towards the end, when the three companions rescue the princess, Valeria swings herself over a wall, rather noisily disturbing a hanging chain behind her with her foot. Some thief! In the next return shot to her position, however, the chain is absolutely still.

Revealing mistake: While escaping from the orgy raid, Valeria stops and kills a few pursuers. However, her last strike never makes contact with the guard.

Revealing mistake: When Conan cuts his way through the orgy we first see him cut a man in his stomach region - the bag of blood hidden under his clothes. Conan then cuts another man in the neck, but blood doesn't begin to flow until that man reaches up to his neck, making it rather obvious that he has his bag of blood in his hand.

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Continuity mistake: When Thorgrim has smashed the pillar it cuts and the pillar is fixed again.

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Audio problem: In the first fight Conan has in the pit, his opponent starts smashing him brutally, to which Conan first responds by moaning in pain, but his mouth doesn't open and his face doesn't show the corresponding pain.

Continuity mistake: Just after his meeting with Moko (the "wizard"), Conan gets some flowers to take with him to the Mountain of Power. The color of the flowers change from scene to scene (they start out purple, but when Conan arrives at the base of the Mountain of Power, they're white/yellow) Note: this isn't a matter of Conan needing to get more flowers because of the great distance between the mounds (where the wizard lives) and the mountain of power. The scene transition from the Mounds to the Mountain of Power suggest a day's travel, and similarly Doom takes about a day to get to the Mounds from the Mountain of Power after Conan steals the princess. Flowers don't wilt and need replacing in a day's time.

Revealing mistake: Before the crucifixion scene of Conan, Thulsa tells one of the women on the cliff, "Come to me child," so they would jump off. If you watch closely you'll see, right before she hits, the pad she lands on before the angle changes. In the next shot, they then show her lying through broken wood flooring.

Revealing mistake: Obviously there are no planes in the world of Conan, yet a jetplane vapor trail can be seen in the sky above Conan's head in the "tree of woe" crucifiction scene. The exact shot when this is seen is when the camera is pointing upwards at him from the ground.

Continuity mistake: After Conan comes down from Valeria's funeral pyre, you see him throw down the torch he used to light it and everyone is in the dark. The film then cuts to a long distance shot from behind the rocks to show Valeria's pyre exploding again and you can see the torch in Conan's hand.

Factual error: When Conan cuts off Thulsa Doom's head, and throws it over the parapet, it hits the stairs below and rolls a little way down. Not only are there absolutely no marks left on the stairs (there should at least be a small amount of blood), it sounds like something plastic is rolling down there.

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Revealing mistake: Several times throughout the movie you can see that some actors have contact lenses in their eyes. Obviously, there were no contact lenses during the Hyperborian Age. I don't mean the intended effects created with the contact lenses - for example, green eyes - I mean that you can see the actual lenses. You can see the circles outside the outer circumference of the iris, as is usual for soft lenses.

Continuity mistake: When Conan is about to climb into the tunnel that leads to the snake pit, he has a dagger and on his back his sword, but when he is inside the snake pit, the sword is gone.


Mongol General: What is best in life?
Conan: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

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Trivia: Arnie actually had to modify his workout because he was unable to wield a broadsword properly.

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