Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
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Continuity mistake: During the chase scene with Kate's truck and the T-X in the crane, the driver's door disappears and reappears several times.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie when the missile hits and explodes on the city in the backround we see the buildings closer to the screen (the barn and the small office building) get domolished by the shockwave, but all the trees surrounding these buildings don't even move. (01:41:15)

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Kate throws John in the dog cage, moments later she returns to say, Mike Kripke's Basement. The first two cutaways to John there are no bars in front of him. On the third cutaway, there are bars. (00:21:05)

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the chase scene when the T-X is driving the crane, the legs of the crane are out in some shots and retracted in other shots.

Factual error: During the scene where the Terminatrix remotely controls the police and rescue vehicles, we see the police car's shifter drop one notch (from park to reverse) but the car takes off going forward, throwing a cop out. (00:28:55)


Revealing mistake: When Arnie body slams the TX into the toilet, the fact that it's a dummy is blatantly obvious, even at full speed. (01:20:15)

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When John talks to Catherine while sitting at the table in a moving RV, watch the explosives he is working on. Position of the charges changes with every shot facing Catherine. At one point they completely disappear from the table leaving only the Glock 18 handgun, and just a second later the table shown full of explosives again. (01:09:55)

Continuity mistake: When the Terminator breaks into the van the broken glass changes from smashing it to getting in.

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Revealing mistake: In the driving scene after the first run in with the TX, the T-850 is driving the truck, John is in the passenger seat, and Kate is locked in the back. The T-850 has to cut open his abdominal area to pull out the nuclear power cell that has been damaged, and dispose of it. In the shot before he begins cutting, you see the T-850's chest is flat as it should be under his shirt. But once you see him begin cutting into his abdominal area, the top of his chest has a ridge. This is an obvious show of the prosthetic chest the actor scoot up against to be as his chest and house the fake skin, metal, and power cell for the scene.

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Continuity mistake: Just before both Terminators are thrown in the bathroom, the T-850 grabs the T-X by the shoulders, but in the next shot it's by the arm.

Other mistake: When General Brewster tells John and Kate to go to Crystal Peak, Arnie confirms its location as "52 miles north-east, bearing zero-point-fiveĀ°." Later, when flying the plane, Kate says aloud "all right, oh-one-fiveĀ°, 52 miles." That's a 10-degree error, for 52 miles, which would put them somewhere in the ballpark of 20-25 miles off-course. (01:17:25 - 01:29:40)

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Continuity mistake: After Kate's dad gets shot at the base the blood and the wounds and the holes in his jacket disappear.

Continuity mistake: When John and Kate are in the Crystal peak bunker, T-X smashes through with a helicopter, and there is an external shot of the chopper's rear blade spinning, but when T-X exits, the rear blade is gone, then in the wide shot of T-X it reappears. (01:32:35)


Visible crew/equipment: In the shot just before the ambulance truck runs over Arnold's police motorcycle, you can see on the right-hand side of the screen a film/crew member truck that doesn't belong in the shot. (00:34:40)

Other mistake: At the cemetery, Arnold shoots up the police cars. We then see his point of view, showing no human casualties. The problem is, he is standing up and further back from the drive. The shot from his point of view is down low and near a police car.

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Other mistake: When the crane arm is going through the front of the building with the T-800 on the hook, the final corner column has an explosion and begins to collapse before the arm gets there.

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Continuity mistake: The hook for the crane alternates between secured and free between shots. Also, the crane boom switches positions between shots too quickly.

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Continuity mistake: When the T-850 tosses John off the hood where he was pinned down, the hood is undamaged. When the 850 started to beat on the truck, it was already damaged before he started.

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Continuity mistake: As Catherine grabs a pistol and shouts "Outta my way!", the Terminator stands up, with his left quarter profile towards her. After a cut to her, then back, his position changes to right quarter profile forward. (00:51:05)

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Continuity mistake: When John is in the cage Kate threw him in, they hear a crash, and he starts to sit up. The next second, his left arm is suddenly along the side of the cage.

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John Connor: Do you even remember me? Sarah Connor? Blowing up Cyberdyne? Hasta la vista, baby? Ring any bells?
Terminator: That was a different T-101.
John Connor: What, do you guys come off an assembly line or something?
Terminator: Exactly.
John Connor: Oh man, I'm gonna have to teach you everything all over again.

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Trivia: When John turns on the magnetic field, the equipment he uses to turn up the power is the throttle of the Saitek X45 with a Cyberdyne plate over the base. (01:22:55)

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Question: Why did John Connor program the Terminator to only obey Catherine's orders? Since he is the boss wouldn't he make it so the Terminator would obey his orders?

Answer: He didn't program the Terminator, she did - remember, John is dead, successfully eliminated by that very Terminator. As to why she didn't program the Terminator to obey both of them, that's an open question - possibly she needed to supply a voiceprint which obviously couldn't be obtained from the deceased John (which would also explain why the Terminator in T2 appeared to only be programmed to obey John, not both John and his mother). Alternatively, it's plausible that the Terminators can only be programmed to obey one individual, in order to prevent problems in the case of conflicting orders.

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