Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Factual error: When Arnold is done shooting at the cops in the graveyard scene, there are birds singing in the background. No way that any birds would be left in that area (not to mention singing) after at least 15 machine guns have been firing for more than 2 consecutive minutes, not to mention the cop car exploding. (00:55:50)


Factual error: All over the particle accelerator you can read about the dangerous magnetic fields that are caused by it. the radiation that is created by the accelerated particles is mentioned nowhere although there is no possibility to find a wall without radiation warnings in a science lab with a real accelerator.


Factual error: When the T-X is driving the crane and swinging the Terminator around, that is mechanically impossible. All mobile cranes are designed to run only when they are in neutral. The T-X would have burned out the hydraulic pump within seconds. (00:33:50)

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Suggested correction: The TX can control other machines including police cars, it's not far fetched she could control and manipulate the crane truck in anyway she wanted.

Being able to control the crane truck does not alter the fact that the hydraulic pump would burn out. That's the purpose of the safety system.

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The T-X is a super robot from the future with machine controlling superpowers. So she presumably overrode the hydraulic systems in some techno magical way. None of the Terminator movies are particularly mechanically realistic so this shouldn't shake our willing suspension of disbelief.

Factual error: During the scene where the Terminatrix remotely controls the police and rescue vehicles, we see the police car's shifter drop one notch (from park to reverse) but the car takes off going forward, throwing a cop out. (00:28:55)

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Character mistake: When the Terminator scans the doorman at the bar, a display comes up categorizing each piece of the doorman's clothing. The word "briefs" is misspelled "breifs". (00:13:40)

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John Connor: Do you even remember me? Sarah Connor? Blowing up Cyberdyne? Hasta la vista, baby? Ring any bells?
Terminator: That was a different T-101.
John Connor: What, do you guys come off an assembly line or something?
Terminator: Exactly.
John Connor: Oh man, I'm gonna have to teach you everything all over again.

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Trivia: Former WWE superstar Chyna was an original candidate to play T-X.

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Question: Can anyone tell me if Edward Furlong was asked to reprise his role as John Connor and why he didn't?

Answer: He was originally in talks - and by some reports, did appear on set for some period of time. While factual answers are in short supply (for obvious reasons), there appears to be a connection to his drug-use habits. For instance, he was checked into a hospital (LA Cedars Sinai) for what friends feared was a drug overdose in April 2001, and has been in and out of rehab over the years. Chances are the production company was unable or unwilling to get completion insurance.

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