Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Revealing mistake: During the crane chase scene, the T-X is shown changing gear twice. Both times, the arm is definitely not Kristanna Loken's. It is much thicker and has lots of hair. In another shot, during this chase her arm is shown and it is different. (00:33:50 - 00:34:35)

Revealing mistake: Look carefully at the metal bar with which Arnold secures the doors of the van with the Vet inside. As he bends the bar straight so he can open the doors, it vibrates a little indicating it is a rubber fake. (00:43:15)

Other mistake: At the end of the chase, the crane truck flips and one of the wheels falls off. If it was that loose, it should have come off when the T-X did a right turn.

Continuity mistake: In the crane chase scene, there is a point where the last remaining ambulance collides with the back of the Toyota. You see the ambulance back off and the right headlight is smashed and the housing is dangling. The headlights are also off. The scene cuts to the rear-view mirror of the Toyota. You briefly see the same ambulance with its lights on and both headlights are intact. Shortly thereafter, they cut to a behind-the-back shot of Arnold as the same ambulance starts to flip. The tail lights are on. It wouldn't be brake lights since there is no driver and the Terminatrix certainly wouldn't remotely apply the brakes.

Continuity mistake: During the chase scene with the veterinary truck and the terminatrix, the damage to the truck is constantly changing. In one shot the hood of the truck is bent upward, in the next shot it is straight and undamaged.

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Visible crew/equipment: Just before John Connor crashes into the car in front with the Tundra, there are a couple of shots shown from inside. During these shots, there is a cameraman visible on the extreme left hand side of the frame, hiding behind a black jaguar. (00:30:05)

Other mistake: When the T-X is driving the crane during the 'target acquired' shot, the view from her display shows her much higher above the ground than she should be. (00:31:50)


Continuity mistake: When the crane flips over the arm is missing when it is seen sliding across the road.

Continuity mistake: When the three leads leave the rest area in the mobile home to go find Cate's father, it's about 3.30pm (we hear reference to 6.18 pm and it's in 2 hours 53 minutes). After the conversation where T101 tells that he killed John, you see the car from the outside. You can see on the shadows that the sun is so low, it must be very close to sunset. Shortly afterwards, during the next conversation, it is bright daylight again and it stays so during the rest of the outdoors scenes. (01:08:20)

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Continuity mistake: When the TX runs the crane through the glass corner of a small building while chasing the tundra truck, the flashing orange lights on the top of the cab are missing. These lights return on the next shot.

Visible crew/equipment: When the TX's crane drags the terminator through the building's glass facade you can see the camera mounted in a cage on the back of the crane when the viewpoint changes to the inside of the building. (00:34:10)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Terminator is carrying the casket out of the mausoleum, the police open fire from his left side. Close-ups show bullet holes on the front and top of the casket even before he turns to return fire. (00:54:40)


Revealing mistake: When the T-X is trying to get Kate out of the car, she rips the door off the truck and pulls Kate out. Kate goes flying through the air and lands on the tarmac. However, if you watch the floor closely just as she lands, you can see that the floor actually wobbles and shakes. It is obviously not real. (00:24:35)

Continuity mistake: A headlight breaks loose on the ambulance after hitting Arnold's motorcycle. The next shot when the TX is looking in her rear view mirror, the ambulance has two flawless headlights.

Continuity mistake: The crane's arm is draped in cables, wires, and even a partial telephone pole right before Arnold is dragged through the buildings glass facade. The next shot before impact the crane's arm is clean. (00:34:00)

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Continuity mistake: When the TX pulls up to Jim's Burgers, notice the umbrellas in front of the store and the "in-out" arrows on the road. Asking for Jose Barrera at the drive-through speaker, she drives in and shoots him from the passenger side of the car and exits on the same side of the building she came in. You can see the front of the store with umbrellas upon entry and exit, yet the speaker has disappeared. (00:16:30)

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Continuity mistake: The hubcaps on the hearse come off but are back on in later scenes. (00:59:20 - 01:00:30)

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Revealing mistake: During the opening credits, the Terminatrix steals a woman's car. She uses her mobile phone to dial a number and successfully connect to a computer. However, you can see that the phone has no reception, making a phone call impossible. Battery life is the right hand gauge, and signal strength is the left hand one, with no bars. (00:07:25)

Continuity mistake: When the Terminator is slamming his fists again the truck trying to fight his new programming, the damage to the truck changes between each camera angle. Watch the passenger front tire collapse under the truck in one scene and then it's just at an angle on the next. (01:28:10)


Continuity mistake: The Terminator is following the crane at the rear corner when the TX moves the arm out allowing the hook to hit parked cars and telephone poles. During the overhead shot there is no Terminator behind the crane.

John Connor: Do you even remember me? Sarah Connor? Blowing up Cyberdyne? Hasta la vista, baby? Ring any bells?
Terminator: That was a different T-101.
John Connor: What, do you guys come off an assembly line or something?
Terminator: Exactly.
John Connor: Oh man, I'm gonna have to teach you everything all over again.

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Trivia: When John turns on the magnetic field, the equipment he uses to turn up the power is the throttle of the Saitek X45 with a Cyberdyne plate over the base. (01:22:55)

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Question: Can anyone tell me if Edward Furlong was asked to reprise his role as John Connor and why he didn't?

Answer: He was originally in talks - and by some reports, did appear on set for some period of time. While factual answers are in short supply (for obvious reasons), there appears to be a connection to his drug-use habits. For instance, he was checked into a hospital (LA Cedars Sinai) for what friends feared was a drug overdose in April 2001, and has been in and out of rehab over the years. Chances are the production company was unable or unwilling to get completion insurance.

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