Two Weeks Notice

Audio problem: At the beginning of the baseball game you see some action with a voice-over of George and Lucy. However, they are visible in the background and not saying anything.



Audio problem: At the divorce hearing, Lucy gets water thrown at her and turns around stating repeatedly, "Water up my nose.". When she says that, her mouth/jaw doesn't move at all. That is not due to her being turned away from the camera, as just after, while she says something else, her mouth/jaw *can* be seen moving.



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When Sandra and Hugh are trying to get to the RV, a door opens and Sandra slips. She stands up with the help of Hugh and her skirt is completely clean. But in the next shot there is dirt on her skirt, supposedly from falling.



In the trailers (on the radio in the UK, anyway), there's a bit with Hugh Grant saying something like "This is no job for a grown up - drinking without being responsible...actually, it doesn't sound that bad". This was never in the finished film.