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Two Weeks Notice (2002)

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Other mistake: In the final scene, George is "shocked" how small the apartment is, but he shouldn't be surprised since he has been there before (when he went there for cake). (01:37:50)

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Suggested correction: When they are eating cake on the roof it is at Lucy's parent's apartment, not hers. So he is really shocked when he is in her apartment.

I apologize, for some reason I thought it was her apartment.

Not so - in an earlier scene she mentions how she's 'back at her parents' house' (while phoning the Chinese place). She lived there prior to being given a nice apartment by George as a perk of the job. After resigning, she moved back there. Therefore the goof is valid.

No, it's her parent's apartment. She says she is staying there, you see her there with her Dad in the morning, George says "thank goodness your parents went to the movies. We'd never have all squeezed in" and she's ordering Chinese food from the same place she ordered from when she said she was staying at her parents. George may not have gone in when they got the cake, or he might not have noticed the size.

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Continuity mistake: When Sandra and Hugh are trying to get to the RV, a door opens and Sandra slips. She stands up with the help of Hugh and her skirt is completely clean. But in the next shot there is dirt on her skirt, supposedly from falling. (00:56:45)

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June Carter: Do you know what I like even more than chess?
George Wade: Pokémon?

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Trivia: In the opening scene, a harmonica can be heard playing. Director Marc Lawrence is the one playing, although he insisted on being credited as 'Blind Lemon Lipschitz'.

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