Two Weeks Notice

Factual error: When Bullock and Grant are stuck in traffic they are on the ramp of the upper level of the Queensboro bridge. No trucks are allowed on the upper level of this bridge, so the RV, the truck behind the RV (the one with the two guys who are looking in the bathroom window), and the other trucks that are stuck in traffic on this ramp would not, in reality, be allowed there. (00:55:15)

Factual error: During the tennis match, Hugh Grant hits from the right side. Sandra Bullock returns it to him, but Grant is then standing (not moving) by the left doubles alley. The entire scene has people hitting errant shots that are improbably playable.

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Continuity mistake: The lipstick on Hugh Grant's cheek in his first scene changes from light, to dark, to light again. (00:07:35)

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June Carter: Do you know what I like even more than chess?
George Wade: Pokémon?

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Trivia: In the trailer , there is a scene that is very obviously cut from the movie. It involves Sandra Bullock and her friend, who got married, out for a jog and it appears that Sandra realises here that she loves him, she and her friend repeat a sequence where her friend says 'you love him' and Sandra says 'I love him' this carries on for a while.

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