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Corrected entry: When Arnie gets to the island where his daughter Jenny is being held he is only wearing a bathing suit then he gets dressed and puts on the black camy make-up. Later he takes off his vest the make-up goes around his chest and onto his back, Rae Dawn Chong was still on the plane - how could he reach that alone?

Correction: Matrix was a member of some elite military unit. I'm sure he would have increased his flexibility (along with strength and speed, etc.) to his full potential.

Corrected entry: The truck that Matrix pushes down the hill won't run, because the bad guys have trashed the engine, but after free-wheeling down the hill, when it finally crashes the exhaust is smoking away... (00:13:25)

Correction: Its not the exhaust, the truck caught fire, hence the explosion afterwords.

Correction: Remember how she pushed the police officer down the stairs? Yeah, they are after her now. She reveals this when demanding to know what all the commotion is about.

Corrected entry: When they get to the motel, Arnie tells her to start searching, only he doesn't actually say what for, and she doesn't ask. (00:44:57)

Correction: Arnold probably didn't care about telling Rae what to search for, he just wanted to get on with it to find his daughter. Rae probably assumed she would know what she was looking for when she found it.

Corrected entry: When Matrix and Cindy go to the Galleria it is a beautiful morning outside. When they get out after 15 minutes it is totally dark. It takes a lot more than 15 minutes for the sun to go down. (00:31:07)

Correction: It may not have been the morning, just a bright evening, close to sun down. In those 15 minutes, the sun could have gone down.

Corrected entry: When Arnie and the black guy are fighting in the hotel room there is a point where one or both of them go through a partial wall made up of glass bricks. If you don't look directly at the characters and pay attention to the bricks you'll notice there is no mortar in place. The glass bricks were only neatly stacked one on top of the other and were practically just pushed out of the way.

Correction: This just shows how bad quality the hotel is. It is a little overnight place, not a 5-star leisure facility.

Corrected entry: Matrix is given 11 hours to rescue his daughter. Let's just say that his time started at 12 noon. That would mean he would be at the bad guy's house at about 11pm. However, he arrives there the next day. If he was that late they surely would have killed his daughter, instead of waiting several more hours.

Correction: It gets dark outside shortly after Matrix's plane takes off, so it was definitely in the late afternoon, early evening. They may also have traveled across time zones.

Corrected entry: When Matrix shoots the man in his daughter's room with the M16, the sound, and reaction of the man is more like a shotgun. (00:13:50)

Correction: Actually the rifle Matrix is holding is a Heckler and Koch G3, which fires 7.62 mm rounds, a lot more powerful than an M16's 5.56 mm.

Corrected entry: When Matrix rips out the seat out the the woman's car, he didn't release a latch or anything, so wouldn't there be twisted metal where the seat was? But Matrix just jumps right in. (00:29:20)

Correction: Not necessarily. If he pulled the bolts out of the floor then the seat would come away with very little twisted metal left in the car. If you look at the bottom of the seat when he takes it out, it appears quite neatly done, suggesting there will be no such metal where the seat was.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: I think it's funny how Bennett can get zapped by massively high voltage at the end of the movie and still come back punching. (01:23:24)

Correction: If the ampage is low then this is entirely possible. The voltage may be high, but on its own cannot do any serious damage.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: The registration of the amphibian aircraft changes. When Matrix is talking on the radio, he says Whiskey X-Ray for the callsign. Soon after, on an external view of the plane, there is neither a W or an X in the registration. (01:01:35)

Correction: That's his callsign with general Kirby, not the plane's registration. Cindy uses the same callsign when she wants to get a message to Kirby from Matrix.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the film Matrix is inside the main house searching for his daughter. As he kicks in the doors to some of the rooms he calls out 'Cindy'. The only problem is that his daughter's name is Jenny. Cindy is the name of the woman helping him back at the plane. You would think he'd know the difference between his own 12-year old daughter and some woman he just met that day. (01:17:40)

Correction: He says "Jenny" every time, but his accent makes it sound like a bit like "Cindy" that one time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Matrix runs out of the mall and gets hit by Sully's car, you can see him drop his wallet on the ground. After the car case, Matrix pulls out his wallet to show Cindy a picture of Jenny.

Correction: That wasn't his wallet, it was the left-side mirror. It got knocked off when the car hit Matrix.

Corrected entry: When Matrix asks Cindy how she managed to fire the rocket at the police-van, she tells him "I read the instruction book." Unlikely, unless she can drive and read books simultaneously.

Correction: She says she "read the instructions", not that she read the instruction "book." The instructions are printed on the weapon itself and are fairly simple. There's only a few steps and you could certainly read them while you were driving a vehicle.


Correction: People do read and drive at the same time. That's one cause of accidents.


The car is still stopped at the light, she stands up, turns around, then the scene cuts back and forth to the cops. Cindy does appear to stare at the rocket launcher before picking it up. She could have been reading the instructions there. Another less likely possibility is that out of curiosity, she read the instructions while she was loading it into the car. She says she read the instructions, she doesn't say when. In the car while standing is more likely because she uses it wrong at first.

Corrected entry: Matrix is taught to be super stealthy and has deadly instincts like being able to smell his enemy downwind, so it doesn't make sense that he would rip the seat out of Cindy's car, causing a lot of noise and making Cindy gasp in shock, when he's trying not to draw Sully's attention that he got off the plane. Surely it would've made more sense to just keep Cindy quiet and recline the seat far enough to disappear from view, or hide in the back seat instead.

Correction: Cindy's car is a 1964 Sunbeam Alpine series IV. It doesn't have reclining seats or a rear seat at all, it's a two seater.


Corrected entry: Arnold blows up many buildings using what appear to be Claymore mines. Claymore mines are deadly anti-personnel mines that shoot out hundred of little steel balls. While the mines may account for the number of soldiers he kills, they certainly could not cause the massive explosions seen. (01:09:53)

Correction: The mines ignited some powerful military explosives stored inside the buildings, which are weapons warehouses.

Where does it say in the movie the buildings are weapon warehouses and there are explosives stored there?


Corrected entry: The point about Arnie using claymore mines to blow up the buildings was a very valid one, but even if he was using high explosives the bombs he placed were clearly outside the buildings, but the massive explosions are even more clearly coming from inside the buildings! (01:11:00)

Correction: The buildings are weapons warehouses. They might contain explosives which were ignited by the initial explosion.

The movie never says the buildings are weapons warehouses stored with explosives. The implication is that the mines Matrix set blew up the buildings. There isn't even a hint that the mines set off explosives inside the buildings because we are never shown it.


Corrected entry: Bennett has just been pierced by the pipe going into a steam compressor or whatever that is behind him. When the camera draws back along the pipe to reveal the steam pouring out, look closely and it looks like CO2 from a fire extinguisher. The edge of the pipe with the "steam" coming out of it has frost on it. (01:24:10)

Correction: How do you know the pipe was carrying steam? It could conceivably have been a pipe carrying a cryogenic fluid (liquid nitrogen lines are common in industrial plants).

Oscar Bravo

If it's not supposed to be steam then that makes the line "Let off some steam, Bennett" make absolutely no sense. It's obviously supposed to be steam.


Matrix might not know it isn't steam. Even so, that's a character mistake, not a movie mistake.

Yes, because "Let off some CO2, Bennett" sounds much better. It's a bad pun, simple as that.

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Continuity mistake: At the very end of the film. When the 3 helicopters and the seaplane come into land, it is quite a wide shot, with no boats visible. A few minutes later, when the seaplane takes off again, a big white boat is near the coast. Even if the boat was off camera during the landing scene, a few minutes was surely not enough to get that far, and that close to the shore. (01:20:30)

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Arius: Your father appears to be cooperating. You will be back with him soon. Won't that be nice?
Jenny: Not as nearly as nice as watching him smash your face in.

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Question: When Matrix says to his captors "Why not have Bennett do it, looks like something he will get off on"; did he mean it was something Bennett wouldn't go to jail for (considering he was psychotic), or was it some kind of sexual implication?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: A sexual implication, suggesting that it's something Bennett would find exciting.


Answer: Not sexual but something that he (Bennet) would find immense joy in doing due to his unstable mental nature akin to a sociopathic tendency.

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