Poltergeist III

Visible crew/equipment: When Carol-Anne is running away from Kane's voice in the garage, she ends up standing in a puddle, only to have hands pull her in seconds later. But when the camera moves down Carol-Anne's body to the puddle, you can see the platform the actress is standing on.


Visible crew/equipment: When Donna is in the bathroom, before she goes to the party, Carol Anne comes in to say that she looks great. When they walk out of the bathroom, you can see a crew member in the mirror.

Visible crew/equipment: The movie is all about reflections, but I don't think it intended to have a camera rig reflected in a teapot in the first scene with Zelda Rubenstein. (00:20:40)


Factual error: When Bruce and Patricia are in a lift after being chased by the cars in the garage, the lift rapidly descends but the two people in the lift are seen struggling on the floor when they should just about be on the ceiling due to the speed of the lift's descent.

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Tangina: My God! he found heR.

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Trivia: At several points in the film, Carol Ann's movements do not sync up with her movements in the mirrors in her bedroom. Director Gary Sherman confirms on the Scream Factory commentary track that this was actually done on purpose, given the nature of the mirrors in the movie and the evil counterparts of several characters.

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