Poltergeist III

Tangina sacrifices herself, so that Caroline, Bruce and Donna can come back after explaining to Kane that she too has the power to lead them into the light and more knowledge than Caroline. Bruce, Donna and Caroline are brought back, but Caroline never shows her face due to it being a double (Heather O'Rourke died before that scene was filmed). After Pat says "she saved us," referring to Tangina sacrificing herself, the screen cuts to the building where lightning strikes it and you hear Kane's laughter as it does so. No explanation is given to why this happened - it could be either that Tangina couldn't fulfill sending them into the light, or to show that they will never leave Caroline alone.

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When Carol-Anne is running away from Kane's voice in the garage, she ends up standing in a puddle, only to have hands pull her in seconds later. But when the camera moves down Carol-Anne's body to the puddle, you can see the platform the actress is standing on.



At the end of the movie, the Carol-Anne that Pat is holding is really a double, because Heather O'Rourke died from intestinal stenosis, shortly before the movie was finished.