Poltergeist III
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Kane: Tangina.

Tangina: I'm one of your brother-in-laws, weirder psychics. SHH.

Tangina: Stay back! He's got the girls, and now he wants you.

Tangina: Kane! Give her back her family. You don't need them. You don't need Carol Anne! I can lead you into the light. I have the knowledge... and the power.

Bruce Gardner: Carol Anne! Carol Anne! Carol Anne.
Pat Gardner: Bruce! Bruce! Bruce.

Donna Gardner: Carol anne, carol anne, carol anne.

Tangina: My God! he found heR.

Pat Gardner: You look great! Now remember, less is more.

Revealing mistake: When Carol Anne has been hypnotized by the shrink, a hand breaks through the desk and throws a coffee mug through the mirror. You can briefly see the reflection of the plexi-glass protecting the actors behind the mirror as the mirror breaks.

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Trivia: At several points in the film, Carol Ann's movements do not sync up with her movements in the mirrors in her bedroom. Director Gary Sherman confirms on the Scream Factory commentary track that this was actually done on purpose, given the nature of the mirrors in the movie and the evil counterparts of several characters.

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