Poltergeist III

Continuity mistake: When Pat and Bruce are in the garage being chased by the cars covered in ice and snow, the cars pull out to face them and you can see that the windscreens on the cars have tiny spy holes for the drivers to see through. In the next shot, when the cars are still and parked, the spy holes have been covered up.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Bruce is carrying Carol Anne out of the mirror, you can see that Carol Anne is wearing some type of heel sneakers and when they come out of the mirror, her pajamas have feet.

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Continuity mistake: When Scott and Donna return to the pool with the snacks, the position of the Coke cans that Scott is holding changes before he and Donna kiss. Note the position of the barcodes.



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When Carol-Anne is running away from Kane's voice in the garage, she ends up standing in a puddle, only to have hands pull her in seconds later. But when the camera moves down Carol-Anne's body to the puddle, you can see the platform the actress is standing on.



At the end of the movie, the Carol-Anne that Pat is holding is really a double, because Heather O'Rourke died from intestinal stenosis, shortly before the movie was finished.