The Santa Clause 2

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Santa is getting married, just after they kiss and Santa looks like Santa again, you can see in the bottom left hand corner Bernard and Curtis giving each other the thumbs up. In the very next shot, it repeats them doing this again only in a close up. (02:33:00)

Continuity mistake: When Charlie goes down the rope (in the beginning of the film) to spray paint the wall in the gym, the rope hangs tight from his point of view, but loose from his girlfriend's point of view.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Santa, Curtis, and Bernard are looking at the mice that have just been duplicated, Bernards brown bag strap is twisted, but in the next shot it is straight. He would have had to take it off to fix it, but he didn't even touch it.

Continuity mistake: When Principal Carol (the future Mrs. Claus) arrives with the gang at the North Pole, she wears gloves. A moment later she doesn't wear them, then she wears them again and then she doesn't wear them for the rest of the same scene.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the clone Santa is sitting at his desk reading the book of rules, one of the elves gives him some cocoa and he sets his magnifying glass down. In the next shot, the magnifying glass isn't there, and in the next one it has magically reappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Curtis is talking to the toy Santa about needing to read the book because it is the key to being Santa, the toy Santa's magnifying glass is looking down on the open book but when he says "right!", he's looking up at Curtis and Bernard through the magnifying glass.

Continuity mistake: When Bernard and Curtis are arguing, just after they had been covered in tinsel, Bernard still has some in his hair. In the next shot, it's gone. Then it comes back in the following shot.

Continuity mistake: When Toy Santa sits at the desk, objects on the desk change around between shots. Most noticeably, the reading glasses (which he picks up for a moment and sets them down) are at an angle, then turned so the lenses face the camera.


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