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Corrected entry: When Alex murders the cat lady, the giant penis remains completely white after he bashes her head in with it. Furthermore, he has no blood on his white clothes after he kills her.

Correction: The penis was a pretty large, blunt weapon. Furthermore alex is young and strong, and the old ladies bones weren't as strong as they used to be. That one good hit Alex got in on her doubtless cracked her skull and cause a lot of damage to the brain, which would leave no blood at all for a few minutes.


Corrected entry: At the speed their supposed to be doing in an open vehicle, their hats stay on their head. The vehicle is obviously stationary in front of a projection screen.

Correction: Well, Alex and Petey are sitting behind the car's windshield so their hats wouldn't really be affected, while Dim and Georgie are holding tightly onto their hats and their hair is being naturally billowed about by the wind. Regardless of how the scene was done I see nothing wrong with the depiction of the droogies retaining their head wear.

Corrected entry: A Clockwork Orange was filmed in parts on my university campus (Brunel) in Uxbridge, West London. Most notable are the stairwell to Alex's home block of flats with the broken lift door next to it (that is actually the Science Tower that can be also seen through the window when Alex is sitting in bed after his first correction session discussing why he felt sick) Also when he is marched into the correction facility, it is the computer centre for the University Campus, and the large building he is walking away from (shaped like the back of a concrete ship) is actually the main Lecture Theatre. Thus, the theatre Alex receives the video treatment with his eyes clipped open is actually one of the lecture theatres. When i went there 1998-2001, the seats were still that leatherette type.

Correction: Everything has to be filmed somewhere. While I appreciate your personal connection to the place in question, simply pointing out a few locations does not make good trivia, I'm afraid.


Corrected entry: When Alex meets his old gang members, who are now policemen, they take him to a water trough and try to drown him. On the soundtrack he continues to shout, even with his head under water.

Correction: After reviewing this segment several times, I conclude that most of the breathing noises come from Dim, not from Alex - as a role model for Beavis and Butthead when it comes to senseless gurgles and grunts Dim is the most likely culpritt, not the audio.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Alex comes home after his first night out, he removes a tape to put in Beethoven on his stereo, but then it cuts to a close-up and he removes another tape from the same slot.

Correction: He removes the Beethoven tape from a box; the second tape is removed from the player.

Corrected entry: When Alex has just gotten back from raping the woman, he is seen putting Basil, his pet snake, on a branch on his wall. The previous shot showed the branch coming out from the left side of the picture. In the next shot, it has the snake on it and it's on the right of the picture.

Correction: The first shot of the branch and the picture is seen in Alex's large mirror. I thought this myself at first, and then checked.

Corrected entry: When PR Deltoid is speaking to Alex from the bed in his parents' room and drinks out of the cup with dentures in it, I would like to know what those dentures are doing there. Both of his parents had left for work...with their teeth.

Correction: Some people have two sets of false teeth, especially during the 70's when they were not made of material as long lasting as they are now. My grandmother certainly had two sets which she would rotate every day to allow the other pair to clean properly.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: When Alex is in Mr. Alexander's house towards the end, explaining the treatment he has undergone, he mentions he is now averse to a piece of music "Beethoven's 9th symphony, the 4th movement." And this was the piece we heard playing along with the Nazi footage Alex was shown. However, when he wakes up in the room and the music is playing downstairs, they are playing the 2nd movement. There was never any proof that this was used in the treatment and Alex never mentioned it. Why then do they play it assuming it will drive him to suicide, and indeed, why does it have such an effect on him if it wasn't ever used?

David Mercier

Correction: He never says the fourth movement alone makes him sick; he merely mentions that that was the particular piece playing during the Nazi film. When asked if all music now makes him sick, he replies "Not all music, just the ninth." The entirety of Beethoven's ninth symphony has this effect on him, not just the fourth movement.

Continuity mistake: When Alex and his droogs come in on Billy Boy making ready to rape the young girl, the first shot shows the lacing of a shoe or sandal on the girl's left calf, but afterward it jumps to her right.

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Alex: Initiative comes to thems that wait.

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Trivia: According to actor Malcolm McDowell, director Stanley Kubrick was concerned that the Droog attack on F. Alexander and his wife would become just another dark, cruel and violent scene in a movie that was already full of dark, cruel and violent scenes. Kubrick wanted the Alexander home invasion to stand out as genuinely horrifying, but he was at a creative impasse. After Kubrick shut down production for several days to ponder the problem, he thought of Alex dancing during the attack. Malcolm McDowell suggested dancing (and singing) along to "Singin' in the Rain," as it was the only song to which he knew all the words.

Charles Austin Miller

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Question: Why did Alex's droogs turn against him? Did they plan to turn against him all along or was it a spur of the moment thing when the police came?


Chosen answer: The droogs didn't like how Alex was leading them, so he attacked them. It's never explained whether the plan was to set him up all along, but given that Din was ready with the bottle to smash him over the head, it seems like an opportunity to be rid of him came up and they took it.

Captain Defenestrator

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