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Trivia: In the scene where Alex approaches the two girls at the record stand you can see the original score for 2001: A Space Odyssey, also directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Trivia: According to actor Malcolm McDowell, director Stanley Kubrick was concerned that the Droog attack on F. Alexander and his wife would become just another dark, cruel and violent scene in a movie that was already full of dark, cruel and violent scenes. Kubrick wanted the Alexander home invasion to stand out as genuinely horrifying, but he was at a creative impasse. After Kubrick shut down production for several days to ponder the problem, he thought of Alex dancing during the attack. Malcolm McDowell suggested dancing (and singing) along to "Singin' in the Rain," as it was the only song to which he knew all the words.

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Trivia: The movie is actually not the entire story of the book. The US release was published without the final chapter because Burgess' New York publisher thought it was a kill joy and believed US audiences wouldn't like it. Stanley Kubrick decided to write the movie based on the US version, thus leaving out the final chapter.

Trivia: Stanley Kubrick introduced Basil, Alex's pet snake, only after he discovered that Malcolm MacDowell is terrified of snakes in real life.

Trivia: The opening scene for A Clockwork Orange is spoofed in the opening for "Conker's Bad Fur Day" (a game for the Nintendo 64). Both movie and video game have Purcell's "Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary" playing while the camera zooms out, showing both Alex and Conker drinking a glass of milk.


Trivia: During the filming of the Ludovico scene, Malcolm McDowell actually had one of his corneas scratched. He states that he didn't realize it until he was leaving the set that night and the anesthetic wore off. He also states that it felt like someone hammered a nail into his eye.


Trivia: The scene where Alex has sex with the two girls in fast forward wasn't done as an artistic statement, Kubrick just sped the scene up so he could get it past the censors and the MPAA.

Trivia: Mick Jagger, the lead vocalist of the Rolling Stones, originally owned the rights to adapt the novel into a movie. He would have played Alex, with the other Stones playing his "droogs".

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Trivia: When Alex and his 'droogs' are driving up to the 'Home Sweet Home' house, in the background you can see a figure running to a tree. It's very dark and hard to see, so it could admittedly be a horse or something; but it is there. [It is a horse, so not a mistake as such. Still worth looking for].

Trivia: During filming of the humiliation stage show, Malcolm McDowell suffered a broken rib when another actor kicked him in the chest.

Trivia: Director Stanley Kubrick received death threats because of this film. Although the film wasn't banned, it was difficult to obtain a copy in the United Kingdom for many years.

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Dim: Hello, Lucy. Had a busy night? We've been working hard, too. Pardon me, Luce.

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Question: Why did Alex's droogs turn against him? Did they plan to turn against him all along or was it a spur of the moment thing when the police came?


Chosen answer: The droogs didn't like how Alex was leading them, so he attacked them. It's never explained whether the plan was to set him up all along, but given that Din was ready with the bottle to smash him over the head, it seems like an opportunity to be rid of him came up and they took it.

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