Die Another Day

Other mistake: During the final Ice Palace action sequence, as Bond is getting into his Aston Martin just prior to his 'automotive duel', he crouches beside the invisible car in order to minimize himself as a target as he tried to locate the handle to open the door. The explanation given by "Q" was that tiny cameras on each side projects what's on the other side. Despite crouching behind his car, he still would have been visible on the other side. (01:33:00)

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Other mistake: The underground station is supposed to have been abandoned long ago, and there is ancient advertising for Ford cars on the wall. But in the entranceway to the platform there's a recent ad for Philips electronics. (00:58:55)

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Other mistake: When Bond arrives in Cuba and walks past the children dancing in the foreground you can see a man leaning on a wall holding a fishing rod looking directly into the camera, following it from left to right. (00:29:50)

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Other mistake: During the James Bond windsurfing scene as he was escaping the ice, his hair and suit are dry in what seems to be 50 foot waves. (01:30:30)

Other mistake: In the scene where Gustav Graves performs his skydiving publicity stunt, at landing Gustav fails to flare (i.e. bringing both toggles towards his groin) at an appropriate height to create enough lift and allow for a safer landing. He only appears to apply half brakes when he has nearly touched the ground. In reality Gustav would have seriously injured himself and the canopy would have traveled forwards towards the press not remained above him as shown in the scene. Also, it can be seen that Gustav has a harness attached to his legs, there is no way that he would have been able to detach himself from his parachute and walk so fluently after landing.

Other mistake: When the news reporters are waiting for Gustav to come, when a man says to Miranda: "Looks like your man's not going to make it", the man standing behind him and Miranda mouths these exact words. (00:48:35)

Other mistake: In Cuba, when James wakes up after the night passed with Jinx, there's an insect walking on the image. [Corrected on Blu-ray.]

Dr Wilson

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James Bond: Vodka martini, plenty of ice... If you can spare it.



In the final fight scene on the plane between Jinx and Agent Frost, Jinx is slashed across her stomach, drawing blood. In a later scene, when Jinx and 007 are pouring diamonds over one another in the hut on the cliff, her stomach is unblemished.



The name of the hotel that Bond visits in Hong Kong is The Rubyeon Royale Hotel. "Ruby" for the 40th anniversary of the James Bond series; "Eon" for EON Productions, producers of the series; and "Royale" for Casino Royale, the first Ian Fleming James Bond novel.