Die Another Day

Trivia: The name of the hotel that Bond visits in Hong Kong is The Rubyeon Royale Hotel. "Ruby" for the 40th anniversary of the James Bond series; "Eon" for EON Productions, producers of the series; and "Royale" for Casino Royale, the first Ian Fleming James Bond novel.


Trivia: In the training sim, Bond refers to the virtual M's seemingly fatal wounding as "just a flesh wound." He makes this remark to John Cleese who said the same thing in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" after having all his limbs removed by king Arthur.


Trivia: When Gustav Graves parachutes in, the Union Jack Parachute is a reference to "The Spy Who Loved Me" when Roger Moore skis off the snowy cliff and floats to safety with his Union Jack parachute. (00:48:50)


Trivia: During the fight with Miranda Frost, Jinx runs up a wall and jumps off to land behind her; Michelle Yeoh does the exact same move in "Tomorrow Never Dies".


Trivia: When Jinx is coming out of the water in Cuba, it looks very much like the Ursula Andress scene from Dr No. (00:34:35)


Trivia: After Bond enters the secret passageway to the DNA lab in Cuba, the rotating mirrors are a tribute to the mirrors used in the climax of 'The Man With The Golden Gun'. (00:40:50)


Trivia: In the room full of archives from previous films the magic levitating rope that failed to work properly in Octopussy is seen on the bottom shelf of the center rack. (01:02:10)


Trivia: The jet pack Bond triggers when talking to Q is the one he used from Thunderball. (01:02:15)


Trivia: The camouflage crocodile from 'Octopussy' can be seen in the background just after he plays with the jetpack. (01:01:55)


Trivia: With all those tributes to past Bond movies, they didn't use the one line Bond keeps saying 'Shaken, not stirred'.


Trivia: Bond reads from "Birds of the West Indies", which has the author's name scratched out. That's a real book, and was written by a man called James Bond - Ian Fleming used the name for his novels. (00:32:30)


Trivia: Halle Berry was the first Oscar winner to play a Bond girl. While Kim Basinger holds both honors, she won her Oscar fifteen years after her Bond appearance, whereas Berry won hers while "Die Another Day" was still in production.

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Trivia: When Q gives Bond his new watch he mentions that it is the twentieth watch he has had, a reference to the fact that this is the twentieth (official) Bond film. (01:02:55)


Trivia: The "Players Navy Cut" poster in the tube station behind the "Vanish" is a reference to one of the Fleming books where the female character falls "in love" with the image of the sailor on the packet. Sorry can't remember which book though.


Trivia: Next to Rosa Klebb's shoe in the Q scene you can see the suitcase from From Russia With Love, although in this one the knife comes out blade first, rather than handle first. (01:02:10)


Trivia: The sunglasses Bond takes off the guy at the start are in fact Pierce Brosnan's own sunglasses - at the time of filming he'd had them for 3 years and fancied wearing them during the scene.

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Trivia: In Dr No the famous gun barrel sequence features a strange beeping sound instead of the Bond theme. In this film the same sound effect can be heard in Bond's hospital room as he walks out.


Trivia: When the Ice Palace is melting, and Zao has just fallen in, when Bond shoots down the chandelier, it mirrors the fate shared by Alex Travelyn in Goldeneye. (01:38:40)


Trivia: There are two references to "Diamonds are Forever". When Bond's reading a magazine on the plane, that line is printed clearly at the bottom of one page. Also, when Graves is talking about his business, he says "Well, diamonds are for everyone", slurred together a bit. Close enough. (00:48:15)

Trivia: Bond plays with Rosa Klebb's dagger boot from 'From Russia With Love' in Q's lab. (01:02:10)

Plot hole: When James and Jinx sneak on Gustav's plane, Jinx heads for the cockpit. The pilot gets out of his seat and leaves, making it easy for Jinx to knock out the co-pilot and take over the plane. But what happens to the pilot? he never comes back, even when Miranda is pointing a sword at Jinx, nor when she is fighting to keep the plane flying. (01:49:30)

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Miranda Frost: He'll light the fuse on any explosive situation, and be a danger to himself and others.

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Question: What's the significance, if any, of Miranda Frost being stabbed through "The Art Of War"?


Chosen answer: Frost is proud of her martial skills and Sun Tzu's Art of War is considered to be one of the classic texts on warfare, but that's about as far as it goes.

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