Die Another Day

Audio problem: When - during the sword fight - the sabre is thrown to the wall, it makes a high frequency sound - like a knife or an arrow. The sound of a sabre would be much lower frequency.

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Audio problem: In the scene where Bond is at the reception at the Ice Palace and is following Mr. Kil and Vlad, when the guard points his pistol at Bond and orders him to put his hands up, you can see that his lips do not move. (01:17:30)


Audio problem: In the sword fight scene Graves asks "Is a thousand a point too much for you?" and the next shot shows Bond's lower jaw mouthing something more interesting than "Hmmm".


Audio problem: During the sword fight when the saber hits the floor it makes a metal-to-stone sound. However the floor is carpeted.

Jacob La Cour

Audio problem: When Jinx shoots the doctor the second time, she stands up and you hear the gun shot BEFORE the scene changes. However, there are four pieces of information that suggests they should not have added this sound before the change in scenes: the slide on the gun doesn't pull back, no bullet ejects from the chamber, she doesn't seem to pull the trigger, and no bullet comes out of the gun.

Audio problem: When Bond meets M at the underground station, he walks through a door and turns slightly to his right. Cut to the platform as Bond walks towards M - we hear a door close behind him, but there is no door behind Bond when he is on the platform. This scene starts as he walks towards the arch on his left - no door there either.

Plot hole: When James and Jinx sneak on Gustav's plane, Jinx heads for the cockpit. The pilot gets out of his seat and leaves, making it easy for Jinx to knock out the co-pilot and take over the plane. But what happens to the pilot? he never comes back, even when Miranda is pointing a sword at Jinx, nor when she is fighting to keep the plane flying. (01:49:30)

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James Bond: Vodka martini, plenty of ice... If you can spare it.

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Trivia: In the training sim, Bond refers to the virtual M's seemingly fatal wounding as "just a flesh wound." He makes this remark to John Cleese who said the same thing in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" after having all his limbs removed by king Arthur.

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Question: In "The World Is Not Enough" Bond, using his intuition, correctly assessed that Elektra King had sided with the villain. So why did he never suspect for a second that Miranda Frost had done the same in this film?

Answer: Bond's suspicions about Elektra King were triggered by his discovery that her head of security, Davidov, was working with Renard. With Miranda Frost, there was nothing that would have led Bond to believe she was a double agent working for Graves/Moon in any capacity other than her undercover MI6 assignment.

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