Rosemary's Baby

Deliberate mistake: As Hutch entered their apartment with his overcoat buttoned, his gloves were in the jacket pocket underneath and not in the overcoat. Later we see him take them out of his jacket and leave them on the coffee table as he speaks to Roman. Before he leaves Guy goes to the closet and gets Hutch's coat and the one lone glove appears where it shouldn't be, back in his overcoat pocket. (01:01:50 - 01:07:20)


Deliberate mistake: As Rosemary is prepared to be raped by the devil she is lying on white sheets. In the next shot as she is being raped she's on black satin sheets. (00:47:30)


Deliberate mistake: Rosemary takes out the Scrabble game, trying to figure out what the anagram means, and spills all letters onto the floor. In the next shot the title of the book "All of Them Witches" appears on the floor without her ever touching them. (01:28:30)


Deliberate mistake: Rosemary believes that her baby is alive and proceeds to the closet that connects her apartment with the Castevet's and it takes well over a minute, and a bit of noise for her to undo the shelves. Dr. Sapirstein and Guy would have had to do the exact same thing when they broke into the apartment in the previous scene but it took them less than thirty seconds including the time it took to get into the Castevet's apartment from the hallway. (02:05:35)


Deliberate mistake: Guy surprises Rosemary and tells her that maybe it's time that they can start having children. They have a romantic evening together (at least until the Castevet's show up) and there's a shot of the record player. A lot of time has gone by since Minnie and Laura-Louise paid Rosemary a visit and we saw the record player before, but everything is exactly the same, the yellow garbage pale in the kitchen, the shadows on the wall, and the same record playing on the record player. They obviously edited in the same shot from before. (00:30:25 - 00:37:30)


Continuity mistake: Minnie gives her the necklace with the tannis root inside and Rosemary holds the chain between her thumb and first two fingers. In the next shot the chain is draped over her fingers. (00:32:15)

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Rosemary Woodhouse: Unspeakable... unspeakable.

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Trivia: The bystanders looking at the camera when Rosemary crosses the street were staring in disbelief as Mia Farrow actually wandered out into oncoming traffic! Polanski did not want to "stage" the scene, so she was literally risking her life.

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Question: Was Dr. Hill a witch?


Chosen answer: No, Dr. Hill was not a Satan worshiper. He was just Rosemary's first obstetrician, referred to her by a friend. However, her neighbors, the Castevettes, later convince her to instead go to their friend, Dr. Abe Sapperstein, who is a warlock.

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He simply didn't believe what she told him so he called her husband to come get her.

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