Rosemary's Baby

Audio problem: As she straightens up the living room, Rosemary has a delayed reaction to the over-dub of the phone ringing as they get the shocking news about Donald Baumgart.



Audio problem: Guy flushes the toilet as he walks through the bathroom. The toilet is actually empty and the sound is an over-dub because there is no resistance on the handle when he pushes it down. Had an old toilet like that actually been full you would see the resistance in the lever as the flapper inside rises.



Audio problem: Rosemary eats some raw meet and throws up in her sink. We hear the sound of the running water but they neglected to over-dub the sound of her throwing up.



Audio problem: As they walk together, Rosemary has a talk with Hutch about Guy's new part and she says, "suddenly he's hot" but it comes out as "suddenly he's hopt". The close captioning also reads "hot".



Audio problem: After the party Rosemary tells Guy that she wants to go to Dr. Hill for a second opinion but explains that she doesn't want to change doctors. Guy says, "I won't let you do it Ro", but if you listen closely to what he's actually saying he calls her "Rome".



Audio problem: Guy who is watching TV says, "It's the Pope at Yankee Stadium" and if you look at his lips he's saying something else.



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When Rosemary has decided to sneak over to the Castevet's, she removes the towels from the closet shelves. She then tries to shut the door by pushing the towels (on the floor) into the closet. We see that the closet door does NOT shut all the way. Rosemary goes to get a knife, when she gets back to the closet, the door is completely shut, and she must now turn the knob to open it.



This is the very spot at the Dakota building on 72nd Street in New York City where John Lennon was murdered.