Rosemary's Baby

Corrected entry: After Terry Gionoffrio jumps to her death Rosemary lies in bed and hears Minnie say, "Sometimes I wonder how come you're the leader of anything" as we see a nun mouthing these words. If you look closely her lips do not match what she says at the beginning of the sentence but do at the end. (00:19:25)


Correction: This was deliberate, as Rosemary was hearing them speak, as she was dreaming, and the images and voices did not match - beautifully done.

Corrected entry: At night, Guy tells Rosemary, "I'm gonna get an ice cream cone, you want one?" She says yes and proceeds to roll over and cry. We hear an over-dub of the doorbell ringing, but this is wrong because Rosemary doesn't ring the bell until slightly before 11:00AM the next day, as we see in the next shot. One might say that it's Guy ringing the doorbell as he goes out for ice cream, but both overdubs sound exactly the same and this could not happen as the sound would have to come through the wall as she lies in bed. (01:09:50)


Correction: The bell overdubs don't sound the same. The first one is distant-sounding. It's been established as plausible that Rosemary would hear the Castevets' doorbell from inside her apartment because they've heard voices and other noises through the walls. The second bell-ring the next morning when Rosemary stops to tell Minnie she is going out is much louder, as we are now present at the Castevets' front door. Editing the two bell-rings so they are heard back-to-back serves to confirm that Guy went to the Castevets' after he left - which is reinforced later when Minnie "coincidentally" shows up at the meeting spot; Guy must have told her where Rosemary was going the night before.

Corrected entry: When Minnie comes over to talk to Rosemary for the first time, right after Terri's death, she says that she was buried the day before. But when she is inviting Rosemary and Guy over for dinner, she says it's the first night they have been alone since her death.

Correction: Actually Terri was cremated that means she's burned and turned to ashes and put in an urn. The following morning that Minnie goes into Rosemary's apartment, is the next day following Terri's death. So that night is the first night the Cassavettes are actually alone, meaning without the cops or anyone.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rosemary and Guy come home to find policemen around a dead Terri's body, Guy tells one of the officers that Terri was staying with the Castevets in apartment 7-E. However, later in that same scene, when he and Rosemary meet the Castevets, he tells them that he and Rosemary live in apartment 7-E. (00:16:35)

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Correction: Rosemary and Guy ALSO live in 7-E. At the beginning of the movie, the Realtor explains how all the apartments were 'broken up' from each other. Castavets live in the 'front' part and Guy and Rosemary, the 'back' part of 7-E. (It's explained a couple more times, once by Rosemary on the first night in their new apartment, when they hear the Castavets through their wall and again, when Rosemary meets Teri in the Laundry Room/Basement).


Corrected entry: If Rosemary gets pregnant early in the month of October, as shown on the calendars in the film, she should give birth around mid July, not June, as the doctor predicts.

Correction: Normal pregnancies last 40 weeks. Rosemary got pregnant at the beginning of October, and 40 weeks after that is actually the end of June.

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Continuity mistake: Rosemary tries a third time to figure out the anagram with the Scrabble letters and comes up with "elf shot lame witch". She tries a fourth time and comes up with "how his hell fact me". She decides to give up and begins putting the letters away when she has an idea and pulls the book close to her and we see the wrong set of letters back on the floor "elf shot lame witch". (01:29:10)

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Rosemary Woodhouse: Awful things happen in every apartment house.

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Trivia: This is the very spot at the Dakota building on 72nd Street in New York City where John Lennon was murdered. (00:02:00)

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