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Corrected entry: In the beginning, the main character's cousin is getting a drink of juice. She puts the glass on the kitchen counter, and goes to check out the TV that turns on by itself. She turns it off, and unplugs it, and then goes back to the kitchen and the glass is gone.

Correction: She put it down by the window seperating the living room and the kitchen. So she unplugs the tv and walks back into the kitchen to see the fridge open you see a clear shot of the kitchen counter. Of course her glass is not there cause she didn't leave it there. The shot doesn't show the window where she did leave it.


Corrected entry: When Rachel is in the well holding Samara's skeleton, the camera goes out to show a wider angle. If you look closly you can see that Samara's legs didn't decompose. They are still white with skin.

Correction: She was wearing stockings or something on her legs, I don't think it was Samara's skin.


Corrected entry: Samara gives her victims seven days to live because that's how long she was trapped in the well before dying. The thing is, she had water (albeit not very fresh, but probably drinkable) so she would have lived close to a month before dying of starvation or, more likely, would have asphyxiated after a very short time because there was no air getting into the sealed well.


Correction: She probably died of cold or drowned, because water was too deep to sleep in. Combination of all the factors could easily kill in 7 days.


Corrected entry: This might be a stupid question, but why would anybody build a cabin on top of a well? Wouldn't they first fill it with earth, or at least demolish the wall around it to even the ground? What is the point of building a wall around the well and putting a floor over it; other than having characters drop into it in a spectacular way.

Correction: Samara's family is very ashamed and frightened of her and what they did to her. They built the cabin over the well to hide it rather than risk releasing her by demolishing the well.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene were Richard Morgan shocks himself in the bathtub you see blood in the water. When you shock yourself there isn't blood.

Correction: On the DVD in the section that says, "Don't Watch This" there is a scene and you can see Mr. Morgan get his head bashed on the wall when he gets shocked and there is blood and the voltage is so high that it would cause you to cough up blood.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film when they discover the well under cottage 12 they drop a stone down the well. They listen for about 10 seconds and do not hear the splash suggesting that the well is really deep. When the woman falls down the well then looks up to see the bloke shouting to her, the well is only about 30 feet deep.

Correction: Listen more closely, there's a distinct splash after a few seconds.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the boy is watching the video, you can see Samara begin to climb from the well at the end of the tape. When anybody else watches it, in other scenes, the screen goes fuzzy before you see Samara.

Correction: That's the point: every time someone watches the tape, Samara gets stronger. Thus, the tape shows a bit more footage of her.


Correction: The reason being is that we are seeing it from Rachel's perspective. Samara is beginning to emerge from the well because it is showing the progression of Rachel's curse since her son watched the tape a few days after she did. Had she watched it on the final day, it may have shown Samara completely emerging. However, that would spoil the ending.

Corrected entry: In the end of the movie you see the well that Anna Morgan throws Samara in. This well is on the horse ranch, on the island. Yet, the well underneath Shelter Mountain Inn at Cabin 12 is a long way from there as is indicated by the fact it takes them one day to get from the island to Cabin 12. Am I just missing something here or is that a serious loop hole?

Correction: The well isn't on Anna's horse ranch, it's a vacation spot for the Morgans.


Corrected entry: If making a copy of the tape "releases" Rachel from Samara's "grasp", why does the burned handprint on Rachel's arm disapear only when Rachel finds Samara in the well?

Correction: The handprint remains until her 'time to die' has passed.


Corrected entry: How can Becca tell if Naomi saw the tape, and that she has four days left? Did Samara talk with Becca, or does she have any special sense? That is never cleared in the film.

Correction: Not everything has to be explained completely in a film. Becca has gone insane from the shock of seeing Samara, and as some kind of side effect can sense when people have seen the film.


Corrected entry: Katie says they watched the tape after recording a football game on it. The guy at the cabin said that they have VCR's and tapes there because they get no TV reception. Why would they try to record the game off a TV without reception?

Correction: He says the reception is poor, they might have TV sometimes but not always, and if there was some reception the night Katie's friends were there they might have given recording a try.


Corrected entry: In the scene were Samara's dad trys to electrocute himself he is wearing a surge protector which would make it impossible to electrocute himself no matter how hard he tried.

Correction: Richard Morgan was plugging everything into a standard power strip, not a "surge protector" or "surge strip".


Corrected entry: After Naomi Watts shows the video to her ex-husband, why didn't she take a picture of him with her digital camera, to see if his face was all messed up? Why did he wait five days to take pictures of himself?

Correction: Naomi Watts doesn't take Noahs photo because initially he is very sceptical and unbelieving. Also he doesn't wait 5 days to take his photo, but rather takes his photo after he notices his face is blurred on the store security screen.


Corrected entry: How did the mother of Samara lift the concrete lid to close the well when it was obvious that the two other characters had a hard time trying to close it together?

Correction: Although we don't see him, we might assume that Samara's father helped Anna replace the well lid, as he suffered the similar torments (he explains before he kills himself).


Corrected entry: When Katie is talking to Becca in her room, we see a shot of a clock. The clock says that it is 10 o'clock. After this Katie and Becca go downstairs and the movie plays on until Katie dies. When Rachel goes to investigate into Katie's death, she finds out the time of death was 10 o'clock. But Katie didn't die when we saw the clock and it said 10 o'clock, in fact about 15 mins passed before she actually dies.

Correction: The time of death is an approximation.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Naomi Watts and her ex-husband are in the loft in the barn, they rip down the wallpaper to reveal the tree on the wall. When they take a wide shot, you see they ripped it all the way to the ceiling. How did they reach that high without the help of a ladder?

Correction: It is quite possible to pull it all down by pulling large pieces with the bottom down low and having it rip higher.


Corrected entry: In the first scene, when Katie gets killed, she is standing up in front of her door. But later, when her mom is talking about her death, she was curled up in the closet. How can that happen if the victim's hearts are supposed to just stop beating? Did Samara pick her up and put her there? Also, Noah was crawling on the floor when he was killed, but when Rachel walks into his studio, he's sitting on a chair.

Correction: It was widely known that Samara/Sanako was able to hide her victims through the same powers she used to kill them. Telekinesis actually is used for moving any solid structure as well, so the bodies could be moved.


Corrected entry: When Rachel searches for Anna Morgan and the lighthouse on the internet, she comes up with a picture of a bunch of people, including Anna in front of the lighthouse. That picture had to be taken in the 1970's, because Anna died then. There was no internet usage then, so how did it get there? And even if someone had posted it there for the website, why would they put a picture that was over 20 years old on it; it was supposedly a new article. It just doesn't make sense at all.

Correction: You do get very old pictures on the internet...


Corrected entry: The cabin that the teenagers stayed in, which was built over the well, is shown to be on the edge of a heavily forested valley. But in scene where Anna Morgan kills Samara, the well is in a huge open flat field.

Correction: The field where the mother pushes Samara into the well is very small width-wise, you can see a forest in the background.


Corrected entry: When Rachel is telling Noah about the video, it is first visible on the table in front of her. About a minute later, she pulls it out of her purse.

Correction: What lies on the table is not the tape, it's in fact the camera with which later Noah takes Rachel's picture.


Continuity mistake: Samara, as seen in the psychiatric sessions on the videotape, has a prominent gap in her front teeth - yet when she decomposes in Rachel's arms down in the well, the skull that is left has perfect teeth with no visible gap.

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Dr. Scott: You don't want to hurt anyone.
Samara Morgan: But I do, and I'm sorry. It won't stop. Everyone will suffer.

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Trivia: There are many references to heat and water in this movie. For example: 1. It is almost always raining. 2. Samara drowns in a well. 3. The horse jumps off a ship and dies. 4. The tree image that the two characters find was burned onto the wall. 5.The color of the tree's leaves is orange in the sunlight, resembling fire. 6. The sound of a hissing teakettle can be heard on the tape (the joining of heat and water). There are many more.

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Question: All Samara wanted was to be heard and she killed anyone who didn't make a copy and show to someone else. Obviously she was very capable of killing before Rachel and Noah found her body and found out what had happened to her. So why does Aidan say that it's bad that they found her? How does it matter since she could kill before too?

Answer: Correct. If anything, it made things worse for them since Samara mistook Rachel's quest to find out about her story (in order to save their lives) with genuine concern and care. That's the big reason why she takes over Aidan's body in The Ring 2 and becomes obsessed with Rachel being her new "mommy."

Answer: Aidan said to Rachel that they weren't supposed to *help* Samara. When she told him they had, he assumed that worse things were going to happen. He wasn't entirely wrong; the problem didn't go away, but Rachel finding Samara's body and learning the rest of her story didn't make things any worse. If anything it enabled her to understand why she escaped death.

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