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Corrected entry: When Rachel and Noah are dropping Aiden off, Rachel goes inside the house and stands at a window. Noah comes in to get her and he can be seen standing behind her right shoulder. But in the very next scene, Noah is in the car with Aiden.

Correction: Actually the person you see standing behind Rachel is her sister Ruthie. Don't forget this is where she is dropping off Aiden for the two days.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Noah picks up Aidan from the floor, you can see a crewmember in the shadows up the stairs when they are going into the next room. (01:36:35)

Correction: It is quite possible that the shadow in front of the door is Rhutie, Rachel's sister, since it's her house, she is waiting them in the hall.


Corrected entry: In the scene (in the extra/cut scenes) where Rachel and her sister are talking in the dead girl's room, her sister opens the closet door and we see a flashback of the dead body sitting in the floor. If you use the pause key, you can see a line on the floor indicating where the girl should stay to make the shot. A second later we see the closet without the chalk line.

Correction: What the original poster saw is not a line to indicate where the actress is to stay. It's a puddle of water. The bodies are in essence waterlogged, much like a body would be after being in a well for seven days.


Corrected entry: At Katie's wake Rachel asks Katie's father if he's alright. When the camera angle changes the wine glass in front of him changes from oval to bulbous. (00:13:35)


Correction: There are 2 glasses: 1 of wine with goblet shape, and 1 of water (or some other transparent liquid) which has the form of a short cylinder.


Corrected entry: The name Samara is Latin for "elm tree," which is the type of tree near the cabin that is so emphasized in the movie.

Correction: That's not an elm tree, that's a maple tree.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Noah is being killed he is wearing sandals. In the scene where Rachel goes in to see him his sandals are gone.

Correction: In the interrim, Noah also happens to have been killed by an evil, psychic ghost and his body moved, supernaturally, to the chair. Samara, for whatever reason, would surely have been capable of taking off his sandles.


Corrected entry: At the wake Rachel talks to some teenage friends of Katie's to find more about her death. The way they interrupt each other sounds very artificial, as one person stops talking in mid-sentence the split-second another person starts, without any overlap, e.g. when the boy butts in first. (00:15:45)


Correction: Bad acting isn't a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Rachel and Aidan drive home from school they keep looking at each other through the rear mirror. It's not possible from his position, crouched into the far right of the back seat, to see her face, as she neither adjusts the mirror nor her position, and, if at all, he would only see her eyes not her whole face (as beautiful as it admittedly is). (00:10:00)


Correction: Rearview mirrors are slightly convex, allowing the driver to see more behind them. With my car it is possible to see the entire backseat from left to right when it is adjusted to view through the rear window. From the back right corner of the seat, it is possible to see the driver's face, but not quite all of it.


Corrected entry: At Katie's wake, Rachel talks to some of Katie's friends about the other teens that died. one of them was metnioned dying in a car accident, but this seems impossible because Samara attacks through the television.

Correction: It is explained as any reflective surface. I am sure metal and glass count.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: The time frame of this movie is somewhat unclear, but guessing from the age of Mr. Morgan we can guess that this all happened in the past twenty years or so. That would make the time of Samara's death in the 1970s. Then why are Anna and Samara dressed as if they're living in the 1800s?

Jeanne Perrotta

Correction: They're dressing up that way probably because they just want to. Samara was adopted from another country, so I guess Anna wanted to make her "Americanized." They live on an island, so seclusion seems to add to this.


Corrected entry: In the movie when Noah is over at Rachel's apartment watching the tape for the first time, he says he's going downtown anyway so he'll make a copy of it. He is already downtown, that's where her apartment is.

Correction: Most people refer to where all the shops are as downtown, which is a different place than where Rachel's apartment is.


Corrected entry: When Noah is heading to Moeska Island, you can see that the ferry isn't moving, but it is not docked. Why would the boat be still while on its journey?

Correction: There could have been some trouble - the engine could have stalled, etc.


Corrected entry: When Katie pulls the TV plug from the wall after the TV turns on, there's a giant spark. Yes, it would create a spark even if it were off, but not that big. (00:05:55)

Correction: If the TV is turning on by itself then it's probably not an electrical spark, it is something supernatural.


Corrected entry: When Rachel is dreaming about pulling the electrode from her throat, she then goes into her living room. From where she is, she can see Samara's hair hanging over the back of the chair, presumably to demonstrate that it is not her spooky son. The shot changes, and Samara's hair is now draped over her face, to make sure we get the full fright factor in Noah's apartment. And there is no obvious parting, so it can't be over both sides.

Correction: This isn't a mistake. Samara has full control of her physical appearance because she's not corporeal. Why shouldn't she have free reign in the hairstyle department?


Corrected entry: When Rachel is watching the tape at Mr. Morgan's home and he comes in behind her, there is someone else's shadow in the window in the background, yet they are the only two there.

Correction: It isn't somebody else's shadow, it is caused by the lighthouse. The light from the lighthouse rotates, so when the light is shining the other way, it causes the background to be put in shadow. You can see this effect when Rachel and Noah go to the barn - the background is in shadow for a few seconds, and then in light for a few seconds.


Corrected entry: In one shot where Samara is being thrown into the well by her mother, she is barefoot, but near the end in the other shot of her being thrown into the well she has socks and shoes on.

Correction: No, if you look closely she is wearing shoes in every shot.


Corrected entry: When Katie's mother finds her dead daughter in the closet - shown as a flashback - Katie's head falls forward the moment the mother opens the door. This seems to have no other reason than to jack up the number of goosebumps on the spectators' arms and necks. (00:14:45)


Correction: This isn't a mistake. Anyways, some houses transfer vibrations from motion very easily. In my house, if you walk through the living room, you can feel vibrations throughout the whole house. And with the mother swinging open the closet like that, it wouldn't be a big suprise if the vibrations made the body move a little.


Corrected entry: When Noah and Rachel point flashlights into the well, they don't seem to be able to see the bottom. Later, when Rachel falls inside, Noah's flashlight beam reaches both her and the water.

Correction: The light does reach the bottom, it just is hard to see because of the blackness of the floor and walls through the water.


Corrected entry: After the TV strikes Rachel in the chest and she falls down the well, you can clearly see her head violently striking the stone side of the well with enough force to shatter a motorcycle helmet. Later, Rachel is alive, not bleeding, and strangely doesn't even seem to have a headache.

Correction: It is not Rachel's head, but her shoulder/back that strikes the well. Painful, sure, but nowhere near as bad as hitting her head.

LuMaria 1

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rachel and Noah are in his apartment, they both struggle over the operation of the video equipment. The tape shoots out of the player, ruining it. After Noah's "assistant" comes in, he invites her to look at the tape. Rachel ejects the tape quickly and puts the tape in her purse, just as it was before.

Correction: The tape did not shoot out of the player. A frame by frame analysis confirms this. They were adjusting the speed of the video drum, which normally rotates at 1800 rpm, by pressing their fingers against it and slowing it down. Rachel obviously hit her finger against one of the high speed screws on the top of the video drum. After, we can see her feeling her finger because of the pain. Also, the tape shooting out of the player would be highly improbable since the tape was paused and not moving while being held in place by the tape guides. The tape was still in good condition and not ruined.


Revealing mistake: In the scene when the main character is in the library on the internet, she goes to a couple of websites. When the shot shows the URL up top, it is C:\windows98\mydocuments\etc.html. Instead of actually searching on the web they used a premade html page and accessed it from their computer.

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Dr. Scott: You don't want to hurt anyone.
Samara Morgan: But I do, and I'm sorry. It won't stop. Everyone will suffer.

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Trivia: When you see Samara standing in front of the well (before Anna pushes her in) she is singing the same tune as the music in the video.

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Question: All Samara wanted was to be heard and she killed anyone who didn't make a copy and show to someone else. Obviously she was very capable of killing before Rachel and Noah found her body and found out what had happened to her. So why does Aidan say that it's bad that they found her? How does it matter since she could kill before too?

Answer: Correct. If anything, it made things worse for them since Samara mistook Rachel's quest to find out about her story (in order to save their lives) with genuine concern and care. That's the big reason why she takes over Aidan's body in The Ring 2 and becomes obsessed with Rachel being her new "mommy."

Answer: Aidan said to Rachel that they weren't supposed to *help* Samara. When she told him they had, he assumed that worse things were going to happen. He wasn't entirely wrong; the problem didn't go away, but Rachel finding Samara's body and learning the rest of her story didn't make things any worse. If anything it enabled her to understand why she escaped death.

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