The Ring

Trivia: Between some scenes you can see a flash of the ring, as seen at the beginning of the tape (and what Rachel sees when she looks up in the well as the lid is pushed back on).

Trivia: When you see Samara standing in front of the well (before Anna pushes her in) she is singing the same tune as the music in the video.

Trivia: There are many references to heat and water in this movie. For example: 1. It is almost always raining. 2. Samara drowns in a well. 3. The horse jumps off a ship and dies. 4. The tree image that the two characters find was burned onto the wall. 5.The color of the tree's leaves is orange in the sunlight, resembling fire. 6. The sound of a hissing teakettle can be heard on the tape (the joining of heat and water). There are many more.

Trivia: This film is an American remake of the Japanese horror/suspense film "Ringu."


Trivia: The number on the door of Rachel's apartment is 601, and it is circled by a ring. 6 0 1=7, hinting to the seven days.

Trivia: Long before the movie premiered, the killer video was used as a commercial. The commercial did not mention any movie for nearly a month.

Trivia: In "The Ring", after the big well scene, we hear Rachel and Noah coming to the conclusion that the reason why one dies seven days after viewing the video is because that's the longest someone (Samara) could survive in the well. The makers of the original, "Ringu", never mention any of this. Apparently, it's a Western necessity to explain away as many of the vague or open-ended points of the film as possible.

Trivia: When the main character enters the home of Samara's father, a large ring flashes on the screen for a split second. If you blink, you'll miss it. It happens a number of times throughout the film.

Trivia: In the original version there were scenes featuring a child killer (played by Chris Cooper). Early in the movie the killer is begging Rachel to write a story saying he is rehabilitated and deserves to be freed, and she refuses. At the end of the movie Rachel is seen sending the copy of the tape she made to him.

Trivia: Notice the freaky music when "the tape" is being displayed on the movie and you first see the ring on the screen. Then listen as Anna pushes the cover onto the well towards the end of the movie. The sound you hear on the tape is the sound of the cover being pushed over the well.

Trivia: On its first week of release in the US and Canada, select cinemas put actual copies of "the" cursed tape on seats for unsuspecting viewers as freebies. The cursed video is now available as an Easter egg feature on the DVD.

Trivia: A lot of people don't see this because they brush it off really quick. In the beginning of the film, they show the Dreamworks logo and there is a flash in the moon that looks like bad tracking, like on a tape. If you look closely at the moon there is a line connecting it all together, making it look like The Ring.

Trivia: The reason why everyone who's seen "The Tape" unconsciously scratches the faces of pictures is because that's the way Samara looks: with black hair over her face. Notice how every picture that's scratched is done in an up-down manner, resembling Samara's hair. "She just wants to be heard".

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